What will happen if blood pressure is too low?

13 Answers

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My blood pressure is 95/47 and heart rate is 65 is my blood pressure to low
Yes, it's low, but not in the range of dangerously low. Do you feel dizzy?
I,am 78years old my blood pressure is 99 -65 takin med ,,lisinopril hctz20/12.5mg any suggestions?
Hello, do you feel discomfort at this BP reading? Is this reading the average level of your BP? If you don't feel discomfort it's generally okay.
My blood pressure is 90 and 104 is it too low
Hi. Are you sure it's 90/104 instead of 104/90? 90/104 is abnormal, ideal bp is from 90/60 to 120/80. If it's 90/104, the bottom number 104 is much higher than 80, which is high blood pressure. If it's 104/90, the bottom number 90 is slightly high, which is pre-high blood pressure.