Chronic Diarrhea — Facts You Need to Know

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I have a friend with the exact same thing. He has been on medicine after medicine and nothing has helped. This has gone on for years with him and he is starting to loose a lot of weight. Had anyone got any help for him?
Hello, according to the description, may be irritable bowel or chronic enteritis, no matter which one, you need to pay attention to diet, light soft food, easy to digest, no stimulation. Keep your mood happy, don't be nervous, excited, stressed. It is best to go to the hospital to check the colonoscopy and eliminate malignant diseases. Wishing for health.
I can't eat alotta foods because I always have diarrhea
Many possible causes, like infection, chronic inflammation, gluten sensitivity, and GI function disorder. If you feel fine when you eat less foods, then gluten sensitivity and GI function disorder are more likely. When you eat more foods, there's a bigger chance of gluten intake. For GI function problem, if you eat a lot, you get diarrhea, it's also common.
vibersi suggested by my Dr. really works, but VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!
I’m 53 and Appx a year ago I began having chronic diarrhea that would come on FAST ( I better be within 10’ of a bathroom and sometimes I didn’t even make 2-3 seconds and was going on myself. I was literally considering diapers. I even went on myself while asleep once or twice. It’s always lose, vwey watery and came with such horrific cramps it brought tears to my eyes and I’d break out in a sweat. My doctor gave me dicyclomine (20mgx2/day). It helps the cramps/gas great and has really cut down the diarrhea but still, when I get it it comes on VERY fast. If I was away from home, anywhere w/o a CLOSE br I’d go on myself. I had this issue in high school but it was mostly cramps, gas and diarrhea. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t stressed plus I have anxiety disorder. Should my doctor rule out anything instead of just giving me some pills. I never leave the house if I’ve recently eaten or take an Imodium. I NEVER go out to eat w/out Imodium. I’m on here now bc I ate and had to hit the ba
Hi, I wish I could help a bit. It's either infection, or neurogenic. So have you ever get the stool sample tested? It's the way to rule out infection. If it's not infection, then we work on the neurogenic problem.
I can understand your feeling, I think. I didn't have a similar bowel movement problem, but I had a gas problem before, for years. I was feeling bloating all the time, I only feel relieved a bit when I pass the gas out, but I have to work in public place and I just can't pass the gas. That makes me so scared and isolated cause I have to stand a bit far away from others. I hope you can find some help.