What Is a Treatment for Spinal Fracture?

6 Answers

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it may take a month or longer, try to keep still to make sure it healed well naturally. control the pain with your strong will
Of I have two fractures does that mean I need surgery or  just time to heal with out surgery
I have two spinal fractured 4and6painful
I am  sorry to heart that. how old are you ? why do you have fracture all the time ?accident? r Osteoporosis? take precaution.
Just have an X-ray on my back, doctors office called me And told me I have a lesion on My T2
 And compression fractures my T11 and T12
Next is an MRI.  Should I be concerned?
Hello, how old are you? Is there any discomfort? In fact, regardless of age, fractures are diseases worthy of attention. You must follow the doctor's arrangements to improve your living habits and receive treatment as soon as possible. Wishing for health.
A lot of people have these problems, they're not life-threatening. However, getting tests and taking treatment will ease your discomfort and inconvenience in the long run.
What if a hematoma is on the area of the break
Hello Jo Ann, usually you can wait until the hematoma is absorbed, but surgery is necessary when the hematoma is compressing the nerve.
I had a spinal compression fracture and after 2 months, I was almost back to normal. Tuesday symptoms returned, but much worse. Saw my bone doctor and neurologist. Had a shot in my back two days ago, still tremendous pain in crotch, difficulty walking even with cane due to pain and I can’t lift my right leg, except with my hand
This somehow is leading to a surgery.
I have a compound fracture in the L2 bulged disc. What can help me with the pain? I can do very little because of the pain?
Consider a surgery.