What Is a Spinal Fusion Recovery?

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I have the same symptoms guys, I promise it's been 8months and I am so so much worse, everyday, the same pain and the percocet only last 2hrs or 3 and I'm back hurting and now, they took.away the tramadol and I only have 88 percocet, two days I can only take two but how, when u hurt around the clock, it's so painful but I am so hap po y for for our pain but hearing that I am Not alone in my struggles.. but I.qm so much worse,
Surgery is complex when in spinal. maybe some Pain nerve was disturbanced during the operation, which is unavoidable. try to distract from the pain ,focus on other good things in life. maybe pain-killer is the last and best way,if the pain is affectiong your life.
You most likely have nerve pain, look up neuropathy a natural pain reliever. Also Kare's purple rice does wonders.  I would also see a neurosurgeon, you could have bone spurs pressing on your nerves.
Surgery is complex when in spinal. maybe some Pain nerve was disturbanced during the operation, which is unavoidable. try to distract from the pain ,focus on other good things in life. maybe pain-killer is the last and best way,if the pain is affectiong your life.
Thank you for your input but I want to ask you, have you had spinal fusion surgery? How old are you? If you cat answer yes to the question, you have absolutely no idea what any if us are experiencing. I've lost over 80 pounds prior to surgery to help alleviate my Pain. I walk, even while in pain. I've done aqua therapy, I'm in pain management, they cut my meds down to 1/4. I can't take Advil or aspirin, they destroy bone growth. I lived on them prior to surgery, no narcotics. I have delivered babies 8 and 9 pounds without anesthesia. This is the worse pain I have ever had I. My life and it is constant, every "FREAKING" day, all day. If "L3" had not been collapsing, I don't think I would have had this surgery done. I think it was the major fuck up in my life
We opt for the surgery after months or years of fighting the pain & literally not being able to take it anymore. But what I don't think is explained enuf is that once you fuse a section of the spine, chances are good that the levels above the fusion are going to fall apart. So another fusion is required & the cycle repeats itself. I have developed scoliosis to the point I am bent in half and cannot straighten up. The proposed solution is to run rods from my pelvis to my shoulder blades. Can you imagine? I too had a very brief respite from pain for about a week and was absolutely giddy. The choices we face, to continue in pain and have no life, or continue with surgeries that experience tells us will not help long term, are deplorable. And then add on the humility of doctors who treat us as hardly more than drug-seeking addicts. The whole thing is demoralizing and defeating with little hope of ever having a LIFE again. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
Why was Rods placed initially and where on your  back? Was there an alternative surgery suggested? What symptoms were you experiencing prior to the initial surgery?
Hi I flipped over in my jeep in 1995 every since then I been in tramadise pain from the bottom of my back and legs IM having surgery july 16 2018 I had a MRI and everything done I even received Steroids no HELP IM DIABITIC and high bleed PRESSURE IM TRYING TO keep my faith the Back DOCTER SAW my CD and he ask me how in the World have I been dealing with this PAIN ALL THESE YEARS I TOLD him I don't know BUTT THATS for the Pages to read GOD BLESS
Hi, I don't know how you made it through, you're a man with tolerance. I wish you have a complete recovery after the surgery and be totally pain free. btw, your jeep moments must be super cool...
I had spinal fusion 7 weeks ago. The first three weeks I was completely pain free. Then all of a sudden it went right back to constant pain even worse than before surgery. I’m takin pain meds but I still have great pain. Any suggestions?
The revisiting pain isn't expected, better see your doctor and get his opinion.
Should my recovery after 6 months be muscles spasms that feel like a pulled rubber band let go? My pain is that of ripping,,i would like to hear if anyone else has these,, my surgeon thinks its minor but its very painful, my pain management is going to give me Block shots,,,
Yes, manage the pain.
I thought I was going crazy until I saw this. I had surgery in late June. No pain really until last 2 months and now I feel like I am being ripped in half. Basically from incision to incision, they went in the side and back. Can't take the pain meds at all. I feel better hearing this is normal even though it's horrible.
I thought I was just the black sheep because I’m 2 months post fusion and I hurt so bad . My dr gave me 40 Percocet 5 mg flexaril and Gabapentin. Took  everything as directed and even stretched some of it out. But whenever I ran out and I was still hurting I called my doctor and asked him for some more meds he said that I should not be in any pain and this was 3 1/2 four weeks after surgery so in the process of finding a pain management doctor now because I want to get back to climbing trees. At 31 years old I definitely did not see this happening to me and having to deal with it the rest of my life but it is what it is and you play the cards you’re dealt
I broke my back in a car accident about a year and a half ago. I crushed my L2 vertebrae and they did an emergency spinal “fusion” with a small cadaver bone. Ever since then I have had such excruciating back pain I can barely walk some days. About 7 months ago the pain spread to my hips and knees and it feels like my hip bones and knee bones are grinding together and it’s completely unbearable. I’m only 19 and I’m so afraid I’m going to be in this pain for the rest of my life. When I came out of surgery I was on Percocet and   Gabapentin for pain but nothing touched it and my doctor said “you’re lying, you should not be in this much pain” and didn’t prescribe me any more medication which was fine because I just wanted to know what was wrong and why I was still in so much pain. I still have not gotten an answer and it’s been such a long time. I’m just looking to see if I can get some advise on what to do because I’m lost.

Ps: I weigh 108 and exercise regularly despite the pain but it only seems to make it worse. At this point I have just given up on trying and grasping for the last bit of hope of getting rid of this pain.
This type of thing is a common complaint. It can come from the SI joints (sacroiliac joint), which have to kind of get used to the new positioning. Working with a bodywork therapist might work.

Try to find someone that can evaluate your structural alignment, posture and can do a hands-on assessment to check for focal adhesions, etc. You may have to make many calls before you find just the "right" person for the job. You might look for someone who does myofascial release or something similar.
Have you done any tests, such as lumbar MRI? Your symptoms of hip and knee pain sound like sciatica.