Is There a Women Blood Pressure Chart?

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I checked my my blood pressure and it's-142/94 pulse 81 is that good or bad?
BP over 140/90 can be diagnosed as Hyertension. you should have low salt and low fat diet , do exercise, sleep well. measure your blood pressure a month later.
if you are 50 years old or more, I think it' s ok and no need of drug use.
I checked my blood pressure 130 over 78. Is that high?
It's within the normal range of 90/60 to 140/90. So it's normal. You can check it yourself at
Hi my name is Maria age 39 I wanted too know if 95 is good for my blood pressure. I took mien at night come out 135 then I did it again early in the morning and came out 95 is it low High.
Hi Ms. Mari, do you mean you've taken BP meds and your BP reading is 95? You monitor the BP twice, once the reading is 135, the other is 95, and both are the top number? If both are the top numbers, they're okay. But you should know a BP reading is a top number/a bottom number, like 135/78 or 95/65. If your number is between 140/90 - 90/60, it's okay. However when your BP continously drop below 100/70 you can talk to your doctor and reduce the dosage. I think an average of 120/80 is good enough.
Hello Maria, blood pressure includes systolic blood pressure (high pressure) and diastolic blood pressure (low pressure). The normal value of systolic blood pressure is 90-140 mmHg, and the normal value of diastolic blood pressure is 60-90 mmHg. If your readings are both systolic, your blood pressure is normal, your blood pressure is affected by activity and mood swings, don't worry, measure more times. If your BP is not in the normal range, you should see a doctor.
Hi Maria, I assume you're using an electronic BP monitor, in this case you shall be able to see a reading like xx/xx  xx in the screen. xx/xx is the BP, another xx is the pulse.
My blood pressure read 196/121 -71 what does this mean. But I feel good no pain
Your blood pressure is too high—it's hypertensive crisis actually. Even if you feel good, you should see a circulation doctor. The doctor will prescribe antihypertensive drugs for you. Hypertension can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.