What Is a T3 Test?

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I just had a free t 3 test & the result was 33. They said it was normal. Is it. My hair has thinned out a lot & my skin is dry & I’ve gained weight.
Free triiodothyronine is abbreviated as FT3, FT3 normal reference value: 1.45 ~ 3.48 pg / ml. (The reference value of each laboratory may be different.) This is the free type of triiodothyronine in blood. It is a part of the body that produces biological effects. It can enter the target cells to produce biological effects, participate in substance and energy metabolism, and affect development. And the growth process. FT3 is a physiologically active form of T3, which is a true reflection of the metabolic state of thyroid. FT3 is more sensitive and more meaningful than T3. The advantage of the FT3 assay is that it is not affected by changes in its bound protein concentration and binding properties, so no additional binding parameters need to be determined. The FT3 content is important for the differential diagnosis of thyroid function, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. It is sensitive to the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism and is a specific indicator for the diagnosis of T3 hyperthyroidism. Free triiodothyronine (FT3) is elevated in hyperthyroidism with hyperthyroidism and triiodothyronine. Free triiodothyronine (FT3) is seen in hypothyroidism. Low T3 syndrome caused by other diseases: found in gastric cancer, chronic renal failure, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, uncontrolled diabetes, acute myocardial infarction, etc. If the doctor has clearly told you that your FT3 value is at a normal level, then you should not pay too much attention to the disease. According to the situation you describe, it is recommended that you adjust your mentality and have a happy mood. I hope the above information will help you.