How to Treat Low Blood Pressure?

14 Answers

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Is 90 over 54 to low? How do I raise it? I'm always sleepy and I do get dizzy. What do I do?
Yes, it's a bit low. A BP reading lower than 90/60 is low blood pressure. If you feel sleep, and dizzy, these could be related to the low blood pressure. The common suggestion is a combination of nutrition and exercises. When you feel dizzy lie down right away, take some salty water.
Is 106 over 58 to low I am 66 year old female. And have a history of high blood pressure have not taken pill today .
I been feeling very dizzy in the last couple of days with headache. Today feel faint with headache sick on stomach . ✔ my blood pressure its 104 over 49 ?
How old are you? Do you have hypertension, diabetes, and/or a history of stroke Do you have hypothyroidism? Cervical spondylosis? Anemia? How is your blood pressure usually? I don't think BP is the reason. Your diastolic BP (bottom number) is slightly low (normal: 60-90).
I’ve had very low pressure this week lowest 80 /51 what could the problem be.
There are many reasons for low blood pressure, such as low blood volume, cardiogenic shock, acute myocardial infarction, etc. I think you should go to the hospital.