What Is a Spinal Cord Injury?

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Receny about every Two Months Now, my lower Back just Screams with Severe Pain, inhibiting Me to even Move. I've had an injury many many years ago, And seemed to have healed from that being it was so very long ago, and for some years since,  I can say that i actually felt pretty Okay. But Now lately, it almost seems  like Normal to me, to have Hurting Aches in my Hips Aching pretty Badly While just  lying down trying to Sleep even if I should lie on my Either Side.
I think you should go to Orthopedist,take a X-ray or do other test.
A chiropractor can help giving you spinal decompression
Funny story. Orthopedist can find out what's wrong, they have no way to fix the pain other than giving you pain pills. Chiropractors don't know why, they do make you feel better, temporarily. I want a solution that relieves me for good, please.
I suggest you seek a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon from another hospital.
I have impingement of my spinal cord in my top cervical vertebrae’s. I have tingling In my legs, nausea sometimes, tingling at time, in My left jaw, burning, especially at night In my shoulder and other wired things, do you thin these are caused by my impingement? Does nerve impingement always have to be corrected?
Hello Jewel, it sounds like nerve damage to me, I'll recommend you to see a doctor.
I fell off a roof about 8 ft in the air landed straight on my back on December 2nd when I sleep at night my back hurts so bad it keeps me up at night it feels like my spinal cord is beeing compressed and it takes my breath away any suggestions
Symptoms match spinal cord injury, you should go to hospital.