What Are the Symptoms of Nerve Pain and Nerve Damage?

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I have had pain in my head, ears & eyes for quite a while now.  The back of my head is so tender I can't let my head touch anything.  I have an appointment with a neurologist, had to wait 3 mo.  S friend of mine said she had shingles neuralgia that had the same systems.
It sounds pretty serious. Neurological problem may not cause touch pain.sound like you have a infection in the skin.
shingle neuralgia happened years after the infection of Varicella shingles。have you suffered from shingles before? If so ,take medicine. have good rest, eat healthy food.during you this time, you can take painkiller, take Vitamin B12 and folic acid
I had shingles across forehead. Shingles settled in my R eye before Opthemologist could stop it. Medications , ending in eye drops for last 24 months. my activity level has dropped , more tired. R eye reduced vision, but main concern is nerve damage, loss of concentration.
don't worry. worry is not good to you .revisit the doctor to make sure the medication is strong enough. nerve damage may be not the worst damage, i am afraid you may have Keratitis. wish you get better.
Jesus, I'm so sorry to hear about it. The nerve damage is with the brain? How come it made you lose concentration? Isn't the shingles in the eyes?
Jesus is not the answer God almighty is.
I have fusions at C4 thru C7 and another at L4 and L5. The lumbar area symtons are that my feet often feel as if they are freezing. Right thigh goes to sleep or tingles. When walking my legs will feel totally drained. Also some lower back pain. The neck area causes both shoulders ache and fel as something is catching when trying to move. Right hand feels like it’s going to sleep and becomes extremely uncomfortable. Left side of neck and inner shoulder ache constantly. I have had so many epidurals and more that a couple radio therapy procedures, muscle relaxers and pain pills. Nothing works well for the past twenty years. What options do I honestly have?
   Thank you for your time.
From the symptoms you describe, the symptoms of nerve compression have already occurred. If the drug is not effective, surgery can be considered. At present, many diseases of spinal surgery can be treated by minimally invasive surgery.
You really should look up, ARACHNOIDITIS..YOU HAVE THE SMYPTOMS.
James Moore, look up ARACHNOIDITIS..
Cauda equina syndrome is what i have why do it feel like electo going threw me shock my right feet i cant feel it going to left side why is this
Cauda equina nerve damage is more common in clinic. Most of it is caused by absolute or relative narrowing of lumbar spinal canal and compression of cauda equina nerve, resulting in a series of nerve dysfunction. Verbiest's first clinical report in 1949 was named Cauda equina syndrome CES.

Central canal stenosis leads to compression of cauda equina nerve, which leads to hypoesthesia in saddle area and sphincter dysfunction. Developmental lumbar spinal stenosis is the primary pathological basis of CES.
Ankylosing spondylitis is rarely associated with neurological complications in the early and middle stages. Late stage can be combined with cauda equina syndrome, so far, more than 60 cases of this kind of report have been accumulated in the world. It is believed that ankylosing spondylitis can be combined with arachnoiditis, and then diverticular cysts are formed and enlarged, resulting in enlargement of the spinal canal, compressive defects of the posterior vertebral body, the vertebral arch and the lamina, formation of arachnoid cysts, compression of the conus medullaris or/and cauda equina. The clinical manifestation is CES, which is a long process. Coscia et al. used CT and MRI techniques to study these patients and reached the same conclusion.
Degenerative dislocation of lumbar spine or lumbar fracture, degenerative spondylolisthesis of lumbar spine often causes spinal canal stenosis. At this time, the lower edge of the lamina and the ligamentum flavum attached to the relaxed lamina become thicker and the ridge of bone proliferate. The cauda equina nerve and nerve root can be compressed by the fibrous tissue surrounding the dura and lateral recess.
Marhouitz et al. reported that manipulative massage caused spinal spondylolisthesis and cauda equina nerve compression leading to CES. Fractures of the vertebral body or appendages, fragments or broken intervertebral discs occupy the space of the spinal canal and directly compress the cauda equina nerve.
Fracture fragments can also penetrate into the dura an
I believe this is what I have?
Hi good morning I have all those system's and one other their is pain always on the right side when driving it comes from know where down my leg to my feet and sometimes my feet feels like it's asleep but always the right side of my body shooting pain in my grown airea can't sleep on that side at all
Hi Sheila. Your symptoms are consistent with sciatic nerve damage, most frequently caused by lumbar/sacral disc herniation. Certainly, other causes such as spinal stenosis could also cause similar symptoms. It is advisable that you consult an orthopedic surgeon and get a lumbar CT/MRI scan.
5 years ago I had  A epidural steroid spinal injection four herniated desk lower back. At the time  of the injection I had screamed for them to stop because the pain was so severe I had blacked out several times. The doctor continued to inject the steroid. I have had numbness leg cramping and pain Ever Sense. Also loss of sexual function. I then had surgery to repair disc and make room for the nerves in the vertebrae. But after five years I still Have numbness from the buttocks  down to the toes with cramping. Is there anyway to repair this damage, or is this permanent
"Have numbness from the buttocks down to the toes with cramping" means your nerve is still working. Nerves are being impaired, that's why you have the numbness and tingling feeling. The damage is permanent, if you have symptoms, doctors can give you treatment to the symptoms.
Looking for information on the treatment to relieve ulnar nerve tingling in the ring finger and the little finger.
Do you have diabetes? What is the cause of this? try some vitamin B12 and Mecobalamin. They may be helpful.
This sounds like cubital tunnel syndrome. You must find a good orthopedic surgeon and get this issue fixed surgically before there is permanent nerve damage. Don't let them tell you that it's medial epicondylitis(golfer elbow. Don't let them do this new TENEX FAST Procedure as it doesn't work on the medial side. It only works for the lateral side. Some doctors don't know this. You probably need an EMG done to test your ulna nerve. I had similar problems where I couldn't even grasp and lift a loaf of bread with the hand on that arm. They initially called it medial epicondylitis and wanted to do the TENEX FAST PROCEDURE. I called this world renowned orthopedic surgeon in New Orleans, La. and asked him if the Tenex Fast Procedure was effective on the medial side and he said no , and that it's only effective on the lateral side. If I had not done that they would've done the Tenex Fast Procedure which would've been a very painful and destructive surgery. Be careful who you go to with this problem. This doctor is at Tulane Sports Medicine Orleans, La.
shingles from ear to ear. I have had ear pain for over 6 months now. How to repair it nerve damage , relieve the pain? thank you/. My doctor said adults don't get ear infection.?
Your doctor is right, shingles in ear in adult is rare. The repair of nerve is difficult. Pain med is the way to relieve the pain.
I am one of those rare cases. Shingles manifested out of my right ear almost 10 years ago. I still have pain, ringing and imbalance since then. Has limited my mobility ever since.
This is called postherpetic peuralgia. Pain medications can be effective in controlling shingles pain. These may be applied to the skin, like the capsaicin topical patch (Qutenza) or lidocaine (cream, gel, patch, or spray). Oral medications that can help with pain control in people with shingles include tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline and certain antiseizure medications such as gabapentin (Neurontin).
I had a cervical nerve ablation and am still having skin numbness and numbness and tingling, 7 weeks post op.

.  Will gabapentin help me?
Yes, gabapentin would help to alleviate the numbness.