What Is the Ideal Blood Pressure Range for Different Age Groups?

5 Answers

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I am a 29 year old woman in good health but I’ve been experiencing dizziness. My blood pressure is normally ok but lately it’s been low at times. What could this be?
Generally speaking, the normal adult's blood pressure value is 120, 80, which can fluctuate within a certain range.
How low is your blood pressure? Try to take BP three times a day, see the readings. If it goes lower than 90/60, you should consider seeing a cardiologist.
Should your blood pressure always read the same when on meds?
Hello Mary, the BP fluctuates in a day, but after taking meds, ideally you'd see the reading below 140/90 each time. Otherwise, it's necessary to consider adjusting the meds.
Is 127 over 91 good or bad blood pressure?
The up number is okay but the bottom number is higher. You need to change your lifestyle, do more exercises and reduce sodium intake.
I am 72, in reasonable good health. I take high blood pressure meds and my reading to day os 137 over 67. I am normally 127 over 78 0r 80ish. Last night and today, I experienced dizziness or vertigo. Last night while sleeping and today when I bent down. Could this be low BP and should I consult my doctor?
Hi Judee, vertigo is a special type of dizziness, where you feel everything is spinning and you can't balance. If you do have that feeling, it's not related to blood pressure. Vertigo is caused by problems in the brain or more often in the inner ear due to inner ear infection. If you have vertigo, you may choose to consult a doctor right away or watch it out for a few days. Some people may find the vertigo goes away in a few days, some may last for a longer time. If you choose to watch it out, try to stay in bed to preventing falling. If you go see your Dr. you can get medication that helps your balance.
I am 88 yr old male in good health