Spinal Stenosis: When to Call Doctors?

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Hello hello my name is Jack Lester and I believe I have Asian Orange and my spinal cord and I've been trying to fight with the government on having myself tested for this I never served in Vietnam my father did two tours and Vietnam he passed away from Agent Orange and 2011 me and my brother both have every symptom my dad has and we have back problems that are the same and we are pretty much pushed up against the wall and having another walls smashing against us because we are not getting no help no where's if there's anything you can do to help us we really appreciate it my phone number is 704 600 7 1 8 7. My email is LesterJack 58@yahoo.com me and my brother has been fighting the same symptoms my dad has been before he passed away please try to do what you can to help us we have done everything we are having problems even living day by day without having to take pain medicine and a bunch of other medicines just to make it through today I don't know what else to say but please just get ahold of me if I do not answer please leave me a message I don't move around very fast so if I miss your phone call please do leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as possible thank you so much for reading this and God bless
Is there anyone that can provide legal help? I think Mr. Lester and his brother are having diseases that are not approved by VA as those associated to Agent Orange, but there might be diseases not approved by still associated.
Yes I have spinal stenosis, sciatica nerve damage , degenerative discs,pinched nerves and lumbar fusion.  Pain every day
Probably you should go to see a chiropractor for pain relief.
Try yoga, you'll benefit from the stretches and poses.