What Is the Definition of Normal Blood Pressure?

2 Answers

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Wz in the ER 5 days ago wth severe dehydration,  nd blood pressure at 225/124.
I'm on 2 blood pressure meds, but having trouble keeping pressure down best reading today 170/90
do you have other symptome beside high BP? have you run other tests?how long this happened? you can add another drug seen if the BP gets better or not.if 3 kind of anti-BP drug is not working,IT'S called refractory hypertension . you should do some blood test for endocine system. chronic renal disease can bring to high BP. go to cardiologist to follow-up your BP. WISH YOU GET BETTER.
My blood pressure is 104/68 is this normal or low
It's a normal reading, 104/68.