What Are Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

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I have been diagnosed with boney Sclerosis what is it ?
Osteosclerosis, also known as marble osteopetrosis, or primary brittle bone sclerosis. It is a rare congenital disease of systemic bone structure dysplasia, and the skull is one of the most common sites. The bones are extremely dense and lose their original structure, just like marble. However, increased bone fragility is prone to fracture. Can still be associated with anemia, eye atrophy and deafness. It is generally believed that the vast majority of patients have be impaired before birth. According to the clinical manifestations, it is divided into malignant (infant type) and benign (adult type). The former is often stillbirth or dying from anemia after birth, and the prognosis is poor.
Any treatment for CFIDS...? They may have changed the name again.
Hello, the key to chronic fatigue syndrome is in your intestine, not your head. It's a weak fatigue caused by normal excretion and can't be alleviated by rest. The cause of the disease is unknown, and the diagnosis requires a long-term trial by an expert. It is recommended that you use dietary fibers such as probiotics or probiotics to help treat the disease by changing your diet.
I suffer from fibromyelgia and diabetes. I am constantly told to exercise! It's painful to even make my bed! What can I do? I was an avid sports playing person. My chiropractors advised me to not golf anymore. Soon after that I was diagnosed with diabetes and the doctor said my activities had masked the diabetes.
Hello, do you have any medicine for fibromyalgia now? Does the medication in use alleviate your situation? In the treatment of fibromyalgia, some antidepressants and several antiepileptic drugs are the most well studied and uniformly effective drugs.  Antidepressants include tricyclic drugs (such as amitriptyline) and several selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), including duloxetine and minoprilone. Antiepileptic drugs beneficial to fibromyalgia include gabapentin and pregabalin. In the initial treatment, we usually use a tricyclic drug. In patients with insufficient response or intolerance, we use an SNRI or an antiepileptic drug instead. For patients with more severe fatigue or depression, or with more severe sleep disorders, an alternative initial treatment is either an SNRI or an antiepileptic drug. For example, the initial choice of amitriptyline, if the treatment of amitriptyline ineffective or intolerant patients, as well as patients with severe fatigue or in addition to pain also need to use medication for depression, it is recommended to use Duloxetine instead of amitriptyline for treatment. Pregabalin is recommended for patients who are ineffective or intolerant of amitriptyline treatment, as well as those with more severe sleep disorders besides pain. These two are not commonly used together, so amitriptyline can be preferred.
Try finding a class on QiGong or Tai Chi. the movements are slow and gentle yet very effective. QiGong is used by Chinese medical doctors in their treatment. Also get the book titled Healer Within by Dr. Roger Jenke it is very helpful.
How do I get tested
There's no specific test for MS. Doctors usually take a thorough examination, tests can include: blood tests(to rule out other diseases with similar symptoms), spinal puncture(to rule out other diseases with similar symptoms), MRI, and evoked potential test(to test nerve system response).
See a neurologist. They will do an assessment and any testing.
there is no one test. there are so many things always tired, trouble with forming words. and everyone is a little different my first sign something was wrong I lost basic math skills- trouble remembering things every day things . problems with going p. now I was told it could go either way cant go or cant hold it in. the  weird thing remember as a child you would spin around and when you stop things keep moving for a sec. or two well I had that happen just sitting in a chair. and falling for no reason.1st test is just to see if a blood infection . well that came back ok. then doc wanted to rule out a brain tumor so m.r.i . came back with scaring of brain. drug use ruled out , I rarely drink ruled out. big blood test ruled out stds Lyme and others. now it is not easy to pin down ms.spinal tap - there is a protein from break down of milon that coats the nerves in fluid . then not just any doctor can really but one that takes combine tests and nails it. the one that figured out mine said 70% percent are female who wake up and blurred vision they are rushed to e.r. and stroke is ruled out. then he is called in.lots of drugs but no cure. only remission. it is a constant fight . a lot of b.s. self treatments unproven if it works. because the only way is a yearly m.r.i. comparing old one for changes to know if treatment is working. if you give up you go fast so stay active.