What Should We Know About Fecal Incontinence?

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I have fecal incontinence so bad i have been having so many accidents daily.  What can i do about this.  I have problems with my L4 and L5 in my spine do you think this is why I have no control?
Absolutely, problems with my L4 and L5 has caused fecal incontinence. it's surpressing your nerve. you should see a Orthopedist ASAP. TO BE SERIOUS about this, I beg you .
I had a complete colon removal in 1986. The procedure or surgery done to me is no longer done. Everything thing is done by small slits or removed thru the belly button. The problem I am having is sphincter fecal incontenace. I had ulcerative colitis and at that time they thought the disease might also be in the sphincter. They scrapped and reamed my butt hole. Now I have no feel or control when I shit. Is there anything out there besides a bag. I wore one for 3 months and it sucks. I am 66 and the boss upstairs are negotiating at least 74 more years. Is there anything you mite suggest for me.
I am sorry that the ostomy pouching is eternal, to the best of my knowledge.
My fecal incontinence is also caused by surgery. However not complete colon removal. I suffered a lot because of it. To relieve my symptoms, my doctor recommended vaginal balloon, it really solve the problem. I also accept
I have fecal incontinence, however I've had no surgeries but had 6 vaginal births, what can I do?
Vaginal birth could be the cause for fecal incontinence in some women. If the incontinence is not severe, you can try a program of exercise to restore muscle strength. If your incontinence is severe or the muscle exercise does not work, surgery can be performed.
I was told that surgery is very painful, but willing to try, it affects my sex life with my husband
Good luck on your surgery.
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