What Are Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection?

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Is it normal to be dizzy after your antibiotics are gone?
it's not normal to be dizzy after your anti-biotics,  check out if it's ADR of the drug and check out with the doctor.
incision into bladder thru stomach
After I’m done peeing I feel a strong pressure is that a symptom of  UTI??
do you feel pain when you pee? do you pee very frequent? if you have all the problems, you may have UTI. you should go to hospital and have a routine urine test.
Same here...
Get a test, if it's UTI, better get it treated right away. It's easy to cure.
Is your urine strong and just had urine test it was fine a week ago.
Very good advice
My doctor ordered urine test and find infection and advised BactrimDS for 7 days  Is that can happen again
Yes. In fact, bactrim for 7 days is sufficient to cure your UTI. However, theoretically you could still probably get UTI some day in the future, right?
My uti had me in pains
Do you feel pain when you urinate? Or the pain is continuous? Do you have blood in urine? You are suggested to do a urine test and antibiotics will be needed to treat UTI.
I only have 2 of the symptoms?? Which is urine that has strong oder, and slight abdomen pains.
what is the coulor of your urine?
you should have a routine urine test,see if there is inflmmatory cell in it. may be bacteria culture in urine is needed. see a Urologist.
urine is darker then usual  with a slight odor
Hello, when you drink less water, the urine will be yellower and the smell will be heavier. What color is your so-called darker? If there is no urinary pain or hematuria can be temporarily observed, pay attention to maintain hygiene.
Have been taking antibodies for 2 days but it's still not any better my doctor told me I had acute uniary tract infection what else I can do
Hello Juanita. Is it antibody or antibiotics that you took?
My right leg is in constant pain, makes it hard to walk on also frequent urination that burns. There is a strong odor but the leg pain is the worst.
Hello, it looks like urinary tract infection and you'll need to see a doctor so as to get the prescription. You'll need antibiotics. The reason of leg pain isn't clear, let the doctor to examine.
My mom is a100 years old, hasn't had any urine I n two days,nurse came to house,told us let's put catheter in, then she gradually urine came out,but dark,next day urin clear yellow,she has no pain when urinating,does she have an urinary tract infection, so if clear can we take out tube
Hello Ron, urine retention is common in senior female. There're many possible causes, it's helpful to find out the cause and treat it, otherwise the retention can come back. If it's infection, then clear the infection. If it's stone, then clear the stone. If it's a urethral sphincter problem, then use medication. Some tests will help you know the cause.
I hurt while I pee in the lower part of my belly and so I stop peeing the Dr says I don't have an infection he don't know what the problem is can you tell me what is wrong
Hello, the pain might related to the prostate. You may have it checked.
I have a uti and ive been hurting in my lower back and nausea ted and throwing up and dizzy what should i do ?
I think you need see a doctor, take urine and blood tests and get proper anti-biotics. if you have fever, go to hospital ASAP.
Id you asking for you, don’t have a prostate checked since women don’t have prostates. It’s more likely urethral spasms. You can take otc AZO standard to decrease the spasms.
I am having pain in my right upper rib area and through my shoulderblade on the right side also... it does not hurt to pee and I haven't had any burning. I also have only been able to pee maybe once a day for the past week or longer. I went to the hospital and they put an IV in and gave me fluids saying I was dehydrated and the pain in my upper rib was from a UTI.... needless to say I am still hurting and still peeing once a day. What is really wrong with me? Do I need to get a second Dr to look at me?
If you feel no relief from the previous treatment you should go to another doctor. However, have you been drinking enough fluid, like 1500 ml a day? Drinking enough fluid is a natural way to relieve UTI.
It sounds like you have gallbladder pain with surrounding tissue inflammation that is causing renal involvement.
I feel like I have a small dribble of incontinance. Especially at night. I thought it was a vaginal discharge at first. My Doctor treated me for a yeast infection. After taking fluconzole and topical crime 2 weeks later I still have the same itching in the vaginal area. The itch stops at the opening of the vagina. Doesn't go on up into vagina. The itching starts at the opening of the urethra. Would antibiotics help? I think it is a uti not a yeast infection. Advice please. Thanks
Hello Ms. Patti, has a bacteria culture of urine been processed yet? If no, I would recommend one.
Hello.. I just wanted to say that if your pain appears to be localized to the tip of your urethra..it could be irritation from soap, or a ph imbalance that coykd also cause a " bacteria vaginosis" that can mimic urinary tract infections..i agree though..either way you will need antibiotics..but keep in mind please that if you do not go to a doctor to get antibiotics for this issue, if the infection spreads up the ureters into your kidneys, it can be lethal, and a different antibiotic will be needed.not all antibiotics help same issue.good luck.