What Are Remedies for Mole Removal?

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I have one single black mole . that also looks like a black dot on my back up toward the left shoulder . I have no other moles like this on my body it stands out from the rest
Some kind moles can become malignant. You should see a dermatologist to find out which kind it is and do you need further therapy.
I have a small black mole on my back that looks like a dot.i have no other moles like this on the rest of my body.it been there as far as I remember some where in the range of 3 to5 years it solid color.with no other colors in it . nothing is out side of the broders.it been there in the range of 3 to5 years to the best of my knowledge.should I be concerned
Hello, is the pigment uniform, edge smooth and regular? Are the boundaries clear? Is left and right symmetrical? If the answer is yes, you don't need to worry too much.
Hi, usually a mole with diameter < 6mm, clear borders is considered fine and normal. Just keep checking it up every 3-6 months, by yourself, it's okay.