How to Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain?

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What works for one person may not work for another one. I have had fibromyalgia since 1992 and ran the gambit of drugs for depression and anxiety and tried Lyrica the so called miracle drug for it a log with Savella. They sauced me to have not one but two episodes of Seretonin Syndrome's. I lost blocks of months of my life that have never been able to get back. Was so sick that do not remember being taken by ambulance to ER then hospital for treatment for massive bladder infection and Seretonin Syndrome. Was sent to a Physc. Ward for if remember correctly 8 days to be in safe pla'e to be taken down on Lyrica on off Savella. Later after we p 92nd episode I was taken completely off Lyica as was still causing troubles and my blood count was low and was being prepped for upper and lower scopes as bleeding internally. Didn't find anything and lucky it stopped. Took awile to get it all out of system but Dr put me on pain patch and morphine and now have a pain speciaist. Was at a high does of Fentnyl and higher dose of morphine but now we are down to a low dose of both. I can say it helps as long as I take it easy and not over do it but weather changes nothing helps. I take b12 because of prior stomach surgery and multi Vit. Plus Zoloft for depression and klonipin for anxiety. Now they have found out p immune going on so taking plaqinuil(spelling?) and prednisone for it while we figure out what one it is. A fungus growing in my left lung also. So my pain clinic Dr has do a verification once a yr for meds unless she changes them since been on 8th r m since before 2014. Put again there are times when it doesn't help a lot and I am crying as it hurts. Have to be very careful of what else I take so I do not mess up medications. What works sometimes for me might not work for others.
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in nineteen eighty five. My doctors have tried a variety of pain medications, anti-inflammatory,predisone,lyrica,etc. NowI am on a pain patch and a tablet for break through pain. Now my doctors are out of town because of these new laws doctors don't want to prescribe medication. These laws are going to outlaw doctors. I have been going through this for years. Before they said to try pot. I don't do Street drugs. Now this is almost legal. My daughter had a tumor on her heart. The surgery was a success. She had great follow up care but she is in so much pain but she won't go back to the hospital because she said they can't help.
I've been smoking pot and has helped a lot although I am having the worst flare up yet. I'm at wits end. I cry it is so painful.
Actually you can use the effective substances — cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — in it instead. They are legal and effective for fibromyalgia pain, and you don't have to worry about drowsiness from the pots.
Try Mayo for fibro they have a great program for it .
Hello my name is Cassandra. I have been suffering in chronic pain all over from fibromyalgia. Everyone (Doctors) I have seen say they can’t help me. PLEASE... HELP!!! There’s got to be something for me to do to be able to cope on a daily basis. I am married with two kids at home. I need HELP figuring this thing out. Sincerely NO MORE PAIN
For what it's worth try a ketogenic diet. I did that, lost 30 pounds but more importantly had a significant reduction in pain. I'd say 80 percent improvement. Just to check, I went off the diet for a month and the pain and swelling returned. I swear by this.
I've been on Savella for over a year. No side affects. No weight gain! :) it's been a blessing
I have been suffering with fibromyalgia, the pain is all over my body, neck, right shoulder and arm, complete lower back, down both legs and now a burning stabbing pain in my buttock. I have been on morphine, oxycodone, gabapentin which does nothing so I’m requesting Robaxin 750mg I’m praying works. There is
Nothing out there that takes the pain away, all it does is sometimes dull it. I have days where I can’t get out of bed and just sleep..I also take anti depression meds anxiety meds and bi-polar..I hate my pain and what it’s
done to my life..
I have had fibromyalgia for 16 years. Had pain so bad I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on, but I still had kids to raise. I went to MANY drs.  And finally found one that saved my life!  I had been on Fentynl patches, pain pills of every kind, so he took me off everything and prescribed suboxone along with gabapenten. It worked miracles!  It has been a godsend.  I hope this will help many people.
I'm going to ask my doc about this. Ill try ANYTHING!
My Dr. also prescribed Gabapentine and it did work but it affected my vision and caused dental issues so I am no longer taking it. I have battled Fibromyalgia for 3 decades.
Last time the fibro befell me, I felt panic. I jerked awake from my sleep. My heartbeat sped up. I have had fibro for many years and I suffer from such symptoms repeatedly. My dr recommends a cardio checkup. Try to relax. Stress only makes things worse.
FIBROMYALGIA IS NOT in the bones. It is a brain stem problem. NERVES. I  believe a rheumatologist is slowing down help for fibromyalgia
im 55 and my firo is getting worse. im on effexor and need something that doesnt cause weight gain. cymbalta put on 50 pounds and with an increase in effexor, its doing the same thing. something i cant afford at my age. help me with a medication to manage my pain.
Savella is reported with no weight gain and effective.
I have had fibromyalgia for over 30 years.  Have suffered much pain.  Have so much weakness, pain in muscles, etc.  My sister also has it.   We both went on a gluten free diet, also have up sugary sweets.  Both of us are so much better.   It really made a difference.   She takes lots of meds, I don't take anything except 1/4 of a hydrocodone when I have to.  There are no magic pills for me.   I'm allergic to nsaids, gabapentin and others.   But sometimes you just have to try something, like going gluten free and eating less sugar in order to have a life.
This is a brutal disease. I stopped taking meds n some of the natural supplements are hard to find. I exercise as much as I can n as much as I can tolerate in a day. I'm diabetic n have this under control w/meds but the fibro Is brutal. I've had 3 doctors tell me to do all natural supplements since I quit taking meds for the fibro. Taking adaptogen supplements are the best n different oninments help. U do take Excedrin for headaches
I also do exercise as much as I can tolerate and it helped. I choose swimming as my dr advised and the pain was so much less with Lyrica and electric blanket. Have you tried the electric blanket? It's really wonderful.
Does anyone have diaherra with  Fibromyalgia
Yes, patients with fibromyalgia may have diarrhea. You can take 8 glasses of water every day, try to relax and have good sleep to help.