What Are the Symptoms of Lupus?

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I suffer from joint and muscle pain. I get massive knot throughout my entire body. My neck is the worst. The knot never go away. Im constantly tired. I get alot of fevers, and my hair falls out in clumps. I also get rashed on my elbows, and neck.
From the symptoms you describe, you may have an autoimmune disease and it is recommended that you go to the hospital.
there are many people with autoimmune disease .  I will tell you first hand that they hurt inside and out.  YOur organs do not get the nutrients that they need nor can they supply because the white blood cells see the inflammation inside your body as a problem and attacks the good red blood cells that your body needs to to be able to function properly.  I myself have been going through this for more than 10 years now.  I have no one to rely on to help me so i tend to stay to myself. YOur body is "sick" inside and out. the organs do not get to do there jobs as they are supposed to duue to lack or new oxygen and the release of the carbon and other sources.I have to pretend everyday that I am "normal' I have to maintain my lifestyle, what ever the hell that means.  When you are sick at least two weeks out of each month and you need to go to the doctor and get on yet another round of antibiotics .  I am going for testing soon to see if it has advanced to lupus, which from what I was told in 2009, lisa, you might have well say you have it.  But I just say its fibromyalgia which is basically the same thing.  I aslo have to have testing for cancer.  I try to make everyone happy all the time because you do not know how much time God will allow you to be here.  Yes, I am disabled, have been since 2006 or before so shit who knows how long I've had this shit.  I had a lump the size of a softball removed from my breast.  I thought ok. ITS gone, then the dumb ass doctorssays, " there is a lot more in there but just in case you want to have kids...I said WTF I have a major sized tumor and you only took part of it out! Do you even have a medical degree or license?  Now, I find out he is no longer employed at that facility. YOu know, I've already been through kidney failure, I have kidney stones no matteer how much water I drink.  But, I'm alone.  The "man" that I was with before would beat the shit out of me if I even told him that i was sick or in pain.  I still had to tend to all his needs because, "some of us around her work, what the fuck do you do all day?"  Any way I think I may be past that stage of finding a companion that I can trust. Especially since I've been afraid of men for 18 years. and then comes all the medicine and people call you a pill popper, well mother fucker if I didn't need it I wouldn't take it.
How dare he?! So much relieved that you've left that man. I got a question: you mentioned lupus and fibromyalgia, I don't know which one you got. They are not the same.
You know I went into the hospital Er and foggy brain, and a rash' freezing cold, woke up one day could not get out of bed, my knees felt locked- I told the ER doctor do not run CBC - please check my immunity- he said ok. He came in said it was just old age- I was like WTF? I am younger than your ass and You don't you look like this-I asked for my labs- he started back pedaling.
Where is the best place in Tacoma or seattle wash
The No.1 hospital treating lupus is John's Hopkins, it's in Baltimore, followed by Cleveland, Special surgery, Mayo, Brigham and Women's , Massachusetts, UCSF, they're all more distant.
I have seen many doctors who say i have a thyroid disease. But no medication has worked. My symptoms are; completely tired 90% of the time,weight goes up and down,i get weird mood swings,my doctots cant figure out what kind of diabetes i have exactly because my tests were all different within a 3 day testing period. Please help
Triniti, the endocrine system is the most important regulatory system of the human body besides the nervous system. It secretes various hormones that act on the whole body, for growth, development, reproduction,metabolism and the stability of the internal environment play an important regulatory role. Under normal circumstances, various hormones remain relatively balanced, if for some reason this balance breaks (too much or too little hormone), which can lead to secretion disorders in the body and cause corresponding clinical symptoms.
Unlike men, women have their own physiologyor characteristics such as menstruation, reproduction, etc., and Some endocrine diseases associated with it. At the same time,For today’s half-day modern women, despite the need to undertake Carrying the burden of having children, but facing the society
The pressure on the parties and the family is not smaller than that of men.
Thus, women are more prone to endocrine disorders than men.
In fact, many of the ailments and worries that women encounter
Related to endocrine disorders, however, due to this aspect
Lack of knowledge, either turning a blind eye or being mistaken
Diagnosis and mistreatment. Below, let's talk about which women
There are many endocrine diseases in temperament.The thyroid gland is the largest endocrine organ of the body. Important for human growth and metabolism Regulatory effect. In recent years, with work and life increased pressure, irrational iodine intake (excessive or not Foot), combined with environmental pollution and other factors, thyroid glandular diseases show a clear upward trend. Currently, the global super Over 300 million people suffer from thyroid disease, most of which the number of patients is female, female: male is about 4 to 10:1.Hyperthyroidism patients often appear to be afraid of heat, sweating, loss of weight, flustered, sexual
Change the grid, etc., in addition to the neck thickening and protruding eyes. Because the symptoms of hyperthyroidism involve multiple systems, it is easy
What is Lupus
Lupus erythematosus (LE) is a typical autoimmune connective tissue disease, which is common in women aged 15 to 40. Lupus erythematosus is a disease spectrum disease, which can be divided into discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus (SCLE), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), deep lupus erythematosus (LEP), neonatal lupus erythematosus (NLE), drug-induced lupus erythematosus (DIL) and other subtypes. Discoid lupus erythematosus (SLE): It mainly invades the skin and is the lightest type of lupus erythematosus. A few cases may have mild visceral damage, and a few cases may turn into systemic lupus erythematosus. The skin lesion was initially a bright red spot or patches. It was large from mung bean to soybean, and had adherent scales on the surface. Later, it gradually expanded into round or irregular shape. The edge pigments were obviously deepened, slightly higher than the center. Central color is light, atrophic, low-lying, the entire lesion is discoid (hence the name discoid lupus erythematosus). Damage mainly occurs in sunlight exposure areas, such as face, ear wheel and scalp, and a few may involve upper chest, dorsum of hand, forearm, lips and oral mucosa. Most patients have no conscious symptoms of skin lesions, but it is difficult to completely disappear. The new damage may increase gradually or remain unchanged for many years. The damage evacuation can be symmetrically distributed. It can also be fused into one piece. The damage in the middle of the face can be fused into a butterfly shape. The discoid lesions aggravate after exposure to sunlight or fatigue. Damage to the scalp can cause permanent hair loss. Old lesions occasionally develop into squamous cell carcinoma of the skin.
Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus, which is rare in clinic, is a special intermediate type. There are two types of skin lesions, one is ring-shaped erythema, one or more scattered erythema, showing ring, semi-ring or multi-ring, dark red edge slightly swelling, red halo on the outer edge,
Help I need a Dr. I’ve had these rashes and severe hair loss. Lethargy and I’m miserable! Can’t get into Rhematoid Dr desperately needing help in Ohio Thanks
You should see a doctor. For symptom relief, predisone may help.
The Mental Part is what I can’t seem to adjust to I was fog free for as long as I was first Diagnosed After Heart Valve Surgery,15 TIA’s, Seizuers,Alopecia Areata ..now I guess it’s Central Nervous System ...horrible feeling of can’t control my mind... I’ve always been very .. Everything has to be perfect .., oh well it’s has me Depressed Anxiety..,thinking I’ll die at any time....I’m doing a lot of Health Store Brain things... Please give me a clue am I going crazy not long to live or is this Lupus Brain... I hate it...this just started in 2017... diagnosed in 2011...SLE.. Heart Surgery... Doc said I’d probably had it since my late 20’s... just not the problems .. I’m having now Please Help
Please read about pumphead. Occured in my husband sfter his bypass heart surgery. He is one year out and seems to be getting better.
I had the first heart surgery at 22, the second one at 25. Since then, I couldn't control myself thinking about my heart may just stop beating anytime. As long as I have several minutes spare time I touch my pulse, check it. Every time a tiny pain occurs at my chest I got so nervous, my heart beat like crazy. I had to take med to lower it down. I had to fly for my job, and I'm so scared to fly cause I couldn't help thinking if I have a heart attack in the air, no one can help me and I WILL DIE! It's been 15 years, I didn't take any flight ever since 2014, until now. You know what, I boarded, I sat in my seat, I couldn't control, my pulse soar to 150 times per minute, I couldn't make it, the air craft was about to take off but I called the attendant I couldn't make it, they ended up going back to the apron and let me out. It happened TWICE. I was totally ruined, my career.
Lupus always presents itself during times of stress. Keep trying to find a rheumatologist. It took me 4 different specialists before the Rheumatologist diagnosed me. It appears I’ve had Lupus for  around 15 years
Can u get a severe neck pain & nose bleeds as a warning sign of Lupus?
Neither is the characteristics of lupus. Healthy people can have severe neck pain and/or nose bleeds.