What Is Hepatic Encephalopathy?

4 Answers

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My son is 40 and just diagnosed with stage 2 hepatic encephalopathy.  He was a heavy drinking several years ago. He has been put on a liver transplant list. He has had several episodes of confusion, slurred words, tremors and not remembering what happens. He has been put on several medications. What foods should I be preparing for him, as well as mental exercises that might help him?
Low protein and low fat foods is recommended. Mental exercise won't help. His liver is not functioning. The prognosis is bad.
If ammonia levels are high try lactulose...will help with confusion although my Mom's liver "specialist" said they don't treat confusion...duh
I have this and my Dr. prescribed Xifaxan. It helps with the confusion in the brain. I don't slur as much or forget as much.
I was diagnosed 8/2/19. I am had been a heavy drinker 4 too long and it caught up to me. I had all the symptoms. Grip weakness, cognitive, speech memory loss. The gambit. I hoped for better prognosis. My cognitive, muscle strength, brain function came back in 6 months due to great memory coach, speech, physical, occupational therapists. I feel great compared to 2 years ago.  Now focus on Diet, Lactulose, Xifaxan 4 life. My Nutritionists are great. My Doctors (5). So eat right take meds see neurologist and psychiatrist monthly. Get baseline ultrasounds, ammonia levels, memory, psych evals. I hope to be 1 of 23% lasting more than 3 years. Prognosis sucks.57 and I want more time with my Grand Kids. Hope the same for all.
I have haptic encepalopthy and need to know foods I should be eating and mental exercises I perform I take efaxin and lactose and would love to get off meds what is best option?
First of all, drugs are necessary. Second, avoid foods high in ammonia.
Can it cause severe sharp pain in head and behind the eyes? Also extreme sensitivity of scalp to touch?
I have experienced sharp stabbibg headache pain directly behind my right eye. It was caused by a vascular disorder ultimately leading to a small embolism in the cerebral cortex even though my normally high blood pressure was uncharacteristically Low. I have no idea if the ultimate reason was due to my later diagnosis of encephalopathy. - Jan B in MI
Once your liver shuts down and forms. Crosses of the liver. Can the liver repair it's self back to normal? I have my last blood work done on December 12. Should I ask for a different test done to. Too detect any damage or anything damage done to to my liver
Hi, do you mean liver cirrhosis? Cirrhosis is irreversible, in the late stage liver transplant is the effective treatment. Which stage are you on? Do you also have infection like hep b hep c, or do you over drink?