What Is Sjogren's Disease?

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I'm having a lot of extreme problems with dry mouth at night affecting my throat burning sore mouth what can I do
Hello, Sjogren's syndrome, diabetes mellitus, pernicious anemia, asthma, oral diseases, Candida infection, radiotherapy and chemotherapy of cancer and adverse drug reactions can all cause dry mouth symptoms, clinical treatment is more difficult. For your health, you are advised to consult a local doctor for further treatment.
I was diagnosed with sjrogers disease in 2000. Really never thought much of it. I had divertuculitous and was in so much pain the dr  put sjrogers on the back burner. After my surgeries the drs said we will see how far and how bad it is once I was off all the antibiotics. Well it's two years and 12 days later. 6 months ago I had parititus , eye waters constantly at work. I manage a restaurant over 40 miles away from my home. I now have a knot right by the corner of my right eye. Sometimes I see tunnel vision or double. Depends. Scared to go back to ophthalmologist.  Anyone having this problem? The dry eye and mouth is enough, but the eye pain now is hard to cope with. I'm getting migraines.
Hi, are you taking medications for Sjogren's Disease? Usually for eye problem, you can also use Dextran hydroxypropyl cellulose eye drops to relieve dry eye. Regarding your vision problem, it's hard to say whether it is related with Sjogren's disease. There are a lot of disorders that can cause tunnel vision such as Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Blood Loss Due to Injury, Retinal Detachment, Cataracts, and Ocular Migraine.

Still, I think you'd better see an ophthalmologist.
I to have Sjogenes. I am not a doctor but from all my research sounds like a clogged eye duct which can happen with this disease. I believe you should see an eye professional to get rid of that pain
This information did not help me what causes sojgren disease?
Sjogren’s Disease is an autoimmune disease, scientists aren't sure about causes to autoimmune disease, usually they say it's a gene thing. Some also said a certain viral infection is necessary to make the disease happen.
It’s genetic and it causes degenerative tears in tendons if your shoulders, hips, etc.

For the eye, nose and mouth dryness you take plaquenil   and salagen.  Plaquenil  you have to have your eyes checked every year because it damage them.  Sjögren’s can cause neuropathy of your feet.  Chronic fatigue, etc.
Environmental issues, the chemicals put in your cleaning agents in your shampoos in your soaps. You need stuff that sate ZERO sulfates parabens,dyes,gluten,phthalate, propylene glycol just to name a few. Walmart has these items
Is there a cure for sjogren's disease?
There's no cure, treatment is to manage the symptoms.
What are the treatments.  Mine appears to be getting worse. Fast.
Treatment for Sjogren's syndrome depends on the parts of the body affected. Many people manage the dry eye and dry mouth of Sjogren's syndrome by using over-the-counter eyedrops and sipping water more frequently. But some people need prescription medications, or even surgical procedures.
what do you mean?  What's happening to u ?
It appears my symptoms have expanded and Sjogren's is now affecting my vision and quite often results in Episcleritis, a painful and visual-affected inflammation of the Scleria.   I resort to steroids when the pain becomes severe; often I can control it by flushing with over-the-counter eye drops (without preservatives) and Tylenol for the pain.  Surprisingly, Alka Seltzer quite often gives
 me some relief.
It appears my symptoms have expanded and Sjogren's is now affecting my vision and quite often results in Episcleritis, a painful and visual-affected inflammation of the Scleria.   I resort to steroids when the pain becomes severe; often I can control it by flushing with over-the-counter eye drops (without preservatives) and Tylenol for the pain.  Surprisingly, Alka Seltzer quite often gives relief.

 me some relief.
Thank you with your comment about your eyes.  I was not aware it could affect your eyes.  I am having all kind of new problems with my eyes.  Most is caused because the dryness drives me crazy.  I do use Resasis but it isnt doing as much as it use to.  My problems could be age related but most of the pain is from dryness.  I see my eye Dr this month and will definitely ask about this.  Thank you again.
Sjogren's mostly affects your eyes and mouth first; the first signs are dry eyes and dry mouth.
but dry eyes are not necessarily a result of Sjogren's. Good luck with your visit.
I have been using RESTASIS for years (60 y.o. female), but recently had an episode of feeling like I had glass in my eye for 48 hours after a 1-1/2 hr. long boat ride. Warm compress helped a spec, only, was sore thereafter at least a week. Doc said air movement (and probably hot sun) caused excessive dryness and outer layer of cornea to slough off/resulting in extreme pain. *He suggested silicone plugs in corner of eyes to keep tears from draining and it only took a couple of minutes (painless, too); ins. covered it and I haven't used Restasis since 'Hoping this helps someone else, too!
Note: This procedure should also keep my eyes from watering excessively when exposed to ceiling fans,etc. - ie, the dry eye "attempting to compensate".
I’m 17 and I have been diagnosed with dry eye for more than one year. I use prescription eye drops Restasis eye drops too. My nostrils are usually very dry too I use Neosporin to moisturize them. I constantly feel tired during the day and it makes me difficult to concentrate. Restasis is useful in handling dry eyes for me. However, it doesn’t help to relieve other symptoms.
You should be checked for 'Sjorgens Syndrome....because your nostrils are dry also and you are tired during the day......
Do you have a dry mouth? If yes, you may have Sjorgens Syndrome or lupus. If no, it may not be a rheumatic disease. Anyway, see a rheumatologist for a comprehensive evaluation. Both Sjorgens Syndrome and chronic fatigue are managed by rheumatologists.
Go to those Sjögren’s foundation. All the info about this disorder is there. This can effect everyone differently. It’s way more than just dry eyes.
They are constantly reaching this and medication to treat it.
I got Sjogrens disease after taking Sylfa, Amoxyicillin and Than Teteacycline. This disease burns your skin from the inside out.  I had sores and Blisters which scarred my Left Arm and Shoulders.  I also had Scalded Skin Syndrome.  My original Syndrome involved the Swelling of both hands especially fingers and then all my skin came off e DEPT forc1 later.  I have seen pictures if Children with Burns all over their bodies including their faces.  Any Drug can cause this.  I now have had Dry eye and mouth issues for several years.  Had Cataract Surgery.  But it has gotten worse. Yesterday, my right eye hurt so bad I thought it was going to burst.  I di take antihistamines for Chronic Sinusitis so it did help.  I hope all of you read this very carefully!!   Good luck!!
I’m on my 3rd medicine for Lupus, while  waiting for the medication to start working I got all my symptoms back plus more. I have inflammation in my stomach, my esophagus, and everything else that’s associated with this disease. I only thought it was just dry eyes and dry mouth, but turns out to be different!
This is the worst I’ve ever felt in five years!
Ik it’ll get better, it has to!
I have some symptoms that are not too bad,  but the most aggravating system for me is a constant chronic cough that never goes away no mater what I do or what I take.  Also it seems to be getting worse over time.
Have you been diagnosed with Sjogren's Disease? If so, your coughing is likely to be caused by pulmonary involvement by this condition. Sjogren's Disease could inflict the lungs, causing interstitial lung disease. The diagnosis depends on lung biopsy. I guess you may need to see a pulmonologist and discuss this possibility.
What causes burning tongue and dry throat?
It may be caused by glossitis or sicca syndrome. It's better to check your auto antibodies such as SSA that is responsible for dry mouth. Try to drink water frequently if your antibodies are negative.