What Are the Drugs That May Cause Lupus?

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Can Harvoni cause lupus?
Hello, Harvoni can not cause lupus.
Hello Ms. Maria, Harvoni is the anti-viral drug for Hep C. There's no reports about Harvoni causing lupus, however,  there're people who claim about autoimmune disease or symptoms post Harvoni treatment. Another thing you may need to know, is that study shows people with autoimmune disease are more likely to get Hep C. So one possibility - you had autoimmune disease before you had Hep C, the symptoms were slight you didn't know. The other possibility - you had the autoimmune disease symptoms after taking Harvoni. If you discuss with a  rheumatologist, you may find similar cases.

Sulfa drugs can cause lupus to lupus prone patients . If you're taking any kind of sulfa drugs you should make sure that you're not in ever going in the sun while taking the medication. Also it's really important to get your doctor to give you a non sulfa drug for anything she's giving you medication for.