What Is Sickle Cell Disease?

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Sickle cell disease runs in. My family do I have a chance of getting it
Sickle cell anemia is an autosomal dominant hemoglobin disease.you have a big chance of having it. if you want to know if you have it , you should do test to find out. if you don't have symptom now ,you should not worry about it.
 The clinical manifestations are chronic hemolytic anemia, susceptible infection and recurrent pain crisis, resulting in chronic tissue ischemia leading to organ damage. At present, there is no clear change in the genetic composition of the diseased individual, so the cause of treatment is meaningless. The purpose of treatment is to prevent hypoxia, dehydration, and infection.
so , just take care of yourself.
Can white get this
Yes, but the incidence in whites is much lower than that in the blacks
I have the trait and passed it on to my son. I had no idea until he was born and his blood work showed that he had it! I am White. Italian and German!
Whites do get it. Plus, it's inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern. That is, only when both parents have the copy of the gene could the child have the illness. It's not just about you.
Correct- I was responding to the person who asked about white people
I have the desease sickle cell I feeling to sad  I can work now  INide un especular Dr  I live en New Jersey please I need help because my  DR primary don't tell battling the diseeas
Dearing,according to Azar S's Sickle Cell Disease: A Brief Update.Sickle cell disease (SCD) is an inherited monogenic disease characterized by misshapen red blood cells that causes vaso-occlusive disease, vasculopathy, and systemic inflammation. Approximately 300,000 infants are born per year with SCD globally.  Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is the only cure available today. Fortunately, new therapies are in late clinical trials and more are in the pipeline, offering hope for this unfortunate disease, which has increasing global burden.So don't be nervous, relax, work hard, live well, I believe that there will be new treatments soon, come on.
At the age of 16 my son was tested for sickle cell. (He didn’t have it) at his age now (35) should he be tested again? He dad had a trate and his 1st cousin has full blown sickle.
If he has been previosuly tested negative, then it is unnecessary to test again, especially when he showed no clinical symptoms.
What if the parents are from different ethnic backgrounds. One Scottish and one African American? Would this effect the outcome of sickle cell? Many thanks from an unknown soul
A baby typically gets one gene from dad, one gene from mom. If both genes the baby gets are sickle cell gene, then the baby is going to have sickle cell disease. If the baby gets one sickle gene and one normal gene, the baby is called sickle cell trait, meaning he isn't gonna have sickle cell disease he carries the gene and may pass it to the next generation. Sickle cell disease occurs at a high percentage with African American, 1 out of 13 is carrying one sickle cell gene(sickle cell trait), the chance is much lower in other ethics, in Hispanic American it's 1/50 of African American. If both dad and mom have sickle cell disease, the baby gets sickle cell disease 100%. If both dad and mom carries one sickle gene (both are SCT), then 25% sickle cell disease, 50% SCT, 25% non SCT non disease. If one of the parents carries SCT, the other doesn't carry SCT, the baby has 50% chance of SCT, 50% chance of non SCT, 0% chance of sickle cell disease. I hope this can explain a bit.
Hi. Im a very worry grandmother. I just find out that my grandson was born with sicle cell and got it from his mother. We are hispanic, puertorican heritage. I would like to know how bad this disease will hurt my baby and what are the symptoms and if theres any cure, medicine or tratment. Im really concern because my grandson is very picki eater and he's kinny and only 2yrs old baby. Can you pls be more specific about this topic so that i can be aware and to how treat and take good care of my grandon. Thank you. I will really appreciate if you return my request. God bless.
Sickle cell disease cannot only be caused my mother. A gene has to come from BOTH mother and father to get this disease.
If your son doesn't carry any sickle cell gene, your grandson won't have sickle cell disease. A baby has to get one sickle cell gene from father and another sickle cell gene from mother to develop sickle cell disease. When your grandson has one normal gene from the father and one sickle cell gene from the monther, it's called sicked cell trait. In his blood, there's normal blood cells and abnormal blood cells. However, as long as the normal blood cells exist, the baby's fine and will not have symptoms. The only problem is when he marries a girl with sickle cell disease or sickle cell trait, their kids may have sickle cell disease.
Jun 3, 2019

Bioengineers of Rice University's Brown School of Engineering conducted the research in collaboration with Texas Children's Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine and Stanford University. They use CRISPR-Cas9 and a corrective short DNA template to repair the sickle cell mutation in a patient's hematopoietic stem cells, and it seems to be efficient and safe.

This may open a door to the cure of sickle cell disease.