How to Diagnose Lupus?

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I been told I have chronic fatigue syndrome but something to do with my plasma that my cells are fighting against each other but I have not been found to have Lupus yet but I've been having lots of problems with my kidneys my lungs my bladder and things going on with my spine in my hips and joints and muscles and nerves to where I can almost hardly walk I need some help here I don't understand what's going on with my help but I know that I am very sick from it please help me my name is Kenneth Smith my phone number is 352-451-2245
I don't know what kind of  test have you done and what's the result. it sound very complex, you should go to Professional doctors for systematic diagnosis, trust them. internet information certainly can't give you the right answer.
You should have an ANA and a SED rate to,confirm. Those will both be positive if you have Lupus and then they can start you on steroids as well as so many others including chemo if necessary.  I’ve had.SLE for 27 years. Good luck.
While no single test can determine whether a person has lupus, several laboratory tests may help the doctor confirm a diagnosis, or at least rule out other ailments. The most useful tests identify certain autoantibodies that are often present in the blood of lupus patients. A biopsy of the skin or kidneys may also be ordered if those organs are affected. The doctor will look at the entire picture – medical history, symptoms, and test results – to determine if you have lupus.  Other laboratory tests are used to monitor the progress of the disease once it has been diagnosed.


Eleven Criteria of Lupus
At least four of the eleven criteria of lupus from the American College of Rheumatology are usually present for lupus to be diagnosed.

Malar rash – a butterfly shaped rash across cheeks and nose
Skin rash – raised red patches
Photosensitivity – unusually strong reaction to sun light, causing a rash or flare
Mouth or nose ulcers – usually painless
Nonerosive arthritis – inflammation in two or more joints.
Cardio-pulmonary involvement – inflammation of the heart lining and/or lungs
Neurologic disorder – seizures and/or psychosis
Kidney disorder – increased protein or clumps of red cells in urine
Blood disorder – anemia caused by damaged red cells, low white cells or low platelet count
Immunological disorder – when your immune system attacks healthy cells
Antinuclear antibodies (ANA) – positive blood test not induced by drugs
Can you have Lupus with a negative ANA test? I have most of the 11 criteria but my ANA test was negative
Hi. Most of the persons (95-98%) with lupus have a positive ANA test. But, the rest of people can have a negative ANA test, and still have lupus. So, you can have symptoms of lupus and a negative ANA test and that is why you should be very carefull. Patients with lupus and a negative ANA test usually have a positive test for anti-Ro or anti-La. You can also test again about ANA test.
I have been going to many doctors for many years, I have been diagnosed with a lot of different things from anxiety, depression, lukemia, gout,hypertension,diebetes, hypothyroidism,  u name it..//// take this pil , take that pill, I have seen over 12 diff doctors before I found the one I realy like and trust, I did I forget heart disease and high cholesterol.   I swear the flunkies of medschool all had their shot at me and if I had listened to all of them I would be dead now.// Keep searching for that "right for you" Doctor and listen and ask questions, do what they say n the testings and you should be fine, if u find a doctor can't answer or be honest, then find a new one..
I guess you have a difficult path when you dealing with your problem.
now you feel better, try to stay healthy and stay positive.
My daughter is 34, and or the last few months has been getting huge rashes all over her body, and nothing seems to help her. while she gets this, she also has problems with swelling, and aching all over her body, cant sleep, ect. Now she is having problems with acing, and now waking up to bruising on her legs, and feet, with selling. what could this be?
I can't the the picture of the rashes, it's hard to say what it is. you should see a Dermatologist.
I have muscle pain most of the time.
no reason of muscle pain is a common symptom of Myalgia, myositis. you should see a Rheumatologist to find out.