What Is Autoimmune Hepatitis?

4 Answers

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Does Beta Glucan help or hinder treatment of high liver enzymes?  I had autoimmune hepatitis and it was treated. Now, rising ALT (91) and AST (65) numbers are a concern.
Currently there is no exact evidence to make sure glucan help or hinder treatment of high liver enzymes.
Do I need to fast before getting a paracentesis?
liver paracentesis? Fasting for at least 6 hours before it.
What does a positive hep b core antibody mean?
Hello Angela, it's a type of antibody that can be identified in a blood test. When the antibody is found in the blood sample, it's called positive.
is autoimmune hepatitis contagious
No, not contagious. It's not an infection from bacteria or virus. It's immune attacking liver cells.
is this curable
Autoimmune hepatitis can be controlled but cannot be cured. The treatment helps manage symptoms and prevent further damage to your liver. Doctors typically prescribe prednisone.