What Is Maple Syrup Urine Disease?

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My son was diagnosed with MSUD at 8 months after we brought him to the ER because we couldn't wake him up. His blood sugar at that time was under 30. They gave him suger in his IV's and he woke up again. The ER doctor diagnosed him right there in the ER. I became sceptical when that doctor was rather excited about my son's newly diagnosed disease that he told me he couldn't wait to write a huge paper on it for one of the medical journals. My husband and I were young and gullible and went along with all the hype. He was treated by this doctor for over 2 years and then we got different medical insurance and our new pediatrician was very sceptical and did a genetic evaluation and found out that my so NEVER had MSUD! He had been misdiagnosed and put through so many needle sticks, diet restrictions and we didn't have any insurance so we had tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. When I found out that he was misdiagnosed, I immediately called the doctor for all my son's records and you know what? They couldn't find them. Somehow they had gone missing! Not one piece of evidence from the past 2 years available. I was appalled. I didn't know what to do but I was very happy my son was healthy, inspite of a quack of a doctor.
Oh, this quack should be punished. Maybe you can go see a lawyer and ask for professional advices about how to get your lost money back through some legal procedures. Keep all kinds of materials and evidences that can prove the previous doctor is wrong. Anyway, this is really a good news for your son.