How to Live With Lupus?

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Hello, I have Hepatitis C as well as having Lupus. My liver is affected with intermittent high enzymes. I am in the beginning of a Lupus flare-up with the fatigue, severe pain in my hands, arms( firearm and bicep) , swelling and inflammation of my nodes in my neck, and scrotum where they actually painfully draw up in response. I am also having the headaches. My question is this, I am having a hard time getting medical professionals to determine for themselves that I am having a " Lupus flare-up" instead of being judgemental and just saying that " it's just my hepatitis" because they are ok dismissing me from their time if they blame the hepatitis. But I am positive that I am having increased problems with my Lupus and I am in extreme pain. And need " proper" treatment. Is there any test or lab that can be done to definitively say it's the Lupus and not hepatitis? I know the hepatitis is affected by my Lupus flare-up but I am sure that they need to be focused on the Lupus. Please help.
Both Hepatitis C and Lupus can lead to high liver enzyme increase. Hepatitis usually doesn't cause fatigue, severe pain in hands, arms( firearm and bicep) , swelling and inflammation of my nodes in neck. Are you having regular treatment for lupus? The medication treating lupus are Immunosuppressive therapy,which suppress your immune, and hence may activate Hepatitis c . You should take anti-virus drugs at the same time. I think you should see a rheumatologist.
Hello, kidney pathology confirmed lupus nephritis with ANA or anti-dsDNA antibody positive; and more than 4 clinical and immunological indicators meet (including at least 1 clinical indicators and 1 immunological indicators) can be diagnosed. Wishing for health.
Have you considered treating the Hepatitis? I cleared the virus with Harvoni.