What Matters Most in Arm Pain Relief?

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While sleeping at night my arm will go numb ,my fingers also with pain pressure before I would get up and  blood would rush back and I would be fine now it last a long time sometimes 30 minutes for the pain to go away...the pain is very bad sometimes ...out of 10 .....100...
Hello, how old are you? Are there high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat, obesity, etc? Is there any swelling in your fingers? Is there a history of rheumatism? Is there any pressure when sleeping? These need to be carefully understood.
Hi well first my left arm was in pain for a month know is the right what you think it is also am diabetic
Hello, can you describe the symptoms of pain in your arm? For example, the duration of onset and duration, the range of pain, the accompanying symptoms, the way to relieve pain, have you ever been traumatized or operated on? Are there any other drugs taken orally?
No injuries and I have had a little numbest in my my are are down to my fingers just on that side that is my left shoulder my shoulder has been hurting for a least 3 months but it has just been getting worse Day I’m in the worst pain I have ever been with it. I try exercises with it because I thought I slept on it wrong or it was a pull muscle. But I cannot take this pain anymore . No new drugs.
You may have related brachial nerve injury associated with shoulder injury. I think you should see an orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist specialized in peripheral nerve injury.
About 2 weeks ago, my left arm started hurting. Like a pinched nerve radiating down my armpit, neck, elbow, shoulder blade, and fingers. I saw the doctor 3 days after it began. Had an x-ray and he found nothing. He prescribed naproxen and steroids. No improvements. Now what? It's obviously beyond the expertise of an ER physician.
Hello Ronald, I'll recommend you to get a heart check-up first, just in case. If the possiblity of a heart problem is ruled out, you may get check-up on the neck. A lot of pain is connected with neck problem.
My arm started hurting in March . Went to Dr. He ordered X-ray and found foreign body. Sent me to physical therapy . Arm is much worse now. Can’t hardly move it, pain around the clock. Took anti inflammatory and muscle spasm meds. Every day hurts more and more numb fingers cannot use or lift my arm. This is now 5 months later another X-ray showed nothing?
You need MRI. My shoulder hurt sent for corazone shot and Pt. To Dr. Pain was worse. Do MRI I had 6 things wrong. Rotator cuff, 1 complete tape of one tendon. 2nd tendon was 75% . 2 bone spears and I cant remember the rest. But had surgery in may. Still in pain. But wish this surgery on no one. Now I have constant pain form shoulder to elbow. Go back to Dr in 2 weeks. Been out of work sense February 1st. And I only have my income. And workmans comp doesn't pay enough. I wish you the best.
I have a tens unit in my back, do you think this is causing my pain in my arms, neck, some headraces, they are wires running up my spine and hooks in upper back.
Hello Donnie, yes, the pain can possibly be caused by the TENS unit.
I have one leg I've been on crutches for over 20 years now I have numbness in my arms and hands I can't sleep at night because my hands and arms numb up it stopped me for doing my daily tasks I can't do anything my fingers and hands and my arms to my shoulder blade with start hurting and numbing up
My guess is that it's caused by long-time crutching. Recommend you to have it confirmed by your local health provider. Physical therapy should help.
I had swelling arm after playing tennis for 4 hours without rest. Never again.
I tripped over a stool and fell into a door threshold. I caught myself with my forearm. Smacked it hard and recovered thanks to my arm. But... Now im in excruciating pain. Most of my arm including the shoulder. Feels out of socket. Like it hurts for it to hang down my side. Muscle around cuff hurt right on down to forearm. What did i do to myself this time? I have fibro, arthritis and more
My 38 y.o. daughter has had arm pain and swelling for several months. We have seen a neurologist, an arm and hand orthopedist, her regular doctor, and a pain specialist. Maybe some others I have forgotten. None of the docs knew what was wrong or what to do for the pain other than strong pain killer meds. WE think that if they know what is wrong then maybe they can treat the actual problem. I don't even know what type of doctor to call anymore. Do you have a suggestion? I would be really grateful for any help. Thanks.
Possibly a venous return problem? Have you seen a vascular surgeon for this?
My arms now both go numb if bent too long 5 mins. What causes this
Because in that position, the nerves in the arm were pressed.
I've had a pain in my left shoulder blade for 5 weeks now and 2 weeks ago the pain has traveled down my left arm. I thought I just pulled the muscle but the pain meds and muscle relaxers I was prescribed did not work. Nothing I do seems to relieve the pain except when I'm asleep and the pain is constant. I need answers please.
Examinations will tell you the answer. So please call your doctor.