What Is the Best Diet for Diverticulitis?

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What kind of soup besides chicken broth is ok to eat during flare up?    Thanks!
Most broth are fine to take.
This is so confusing. Yes dr says high fiber diet. So I do eat high fiber diet only now I’ve a flare up and now on liquid diet until colon settles down. It seems high fiber diet is causing flare up! So now what?
Hi Jodi, when you're having pain from diverticulitis, liquid and low-fiber foods are the choice. Yet when you recover from it, and try to stay away from reoccurrence, high-fiber foods are necessary.
is peanut butter a good choice for protien when I have diverticuli flare up?
Nutrition facts Peanut butter, smooth style Amount Per 1 tbsp (16 g) Calories96 %Daily Value* Total Fat8.2 g 13% Saturated fat1.6 g 8% Polyunsaturated fat2 g Monounsaturated fat4.1 g Trans fat0 g Cholesterol0 mg 0% Sodium2.7 mg 0% Potassium89.3 mg 3% Total Carbohydrate3.5 g 1% Dietary fiber0.8 g 3% Sugar1.6 g Protein3.6 g 7% Vitamin A 0% Calcium 1% Vitamin D 0% Vitamin B-12 0% Vitamin C 0% Iron 2% Vitamin B-6 3% Magnesium 7% Each tea spoon of peanut butter contains 0.8 g fiber, it's not a fiber rich food, but still contains some fiber. Better not to eat at a flare-up.
Are you serious...no peanut butter ??? I eat Organic peanut butter daily in my oatmeal. Im always flared up..ive got very large and some small pouches.
Im down to eating Nothing..but clear liquids. Im scared...i have lost so much weight because i cant seem to find foods that hurt Diverticulitis..I.B.S...Fibro.
In a diverticulitis attack, peanut butter is not recommended. When you don't feel any symptom, you can eat high-fiber foods together with peanute butter and other high protein foods.
Peanut butter increases the risk of an acute attack of diverticulitis. Crunchy peanut butter would have small pieces of peanuts lodged in the diverticulum and lead to diverticulitis.

You should eat a fiber-rich diet and avoid foods that are spicy and those rich in fat.
It is very frustrating because you try to eat what your supposed to but yet, you still have the flare ups and then your back to square one again.  I feel like just eating liquids works but what kind of life is that?
I eat a lot of macaroni and cheese mashed potatoes scrambled eggs oatmeal and soups during non flare-ups. During flare-ups I drink a lot of water and eat things like yogurt and jello or sometimes just Pedialyte popsicles. hope this helps.
How well-ranged your diet is! Foe me, I avoid red meat and have chicken, fish instead. I also have nuts, peas, fruit and vegetables.
Check out a book called “Listen to your Gut” by Jini Patel Thompson.  Great suggestions on what to do for diverticulitis flare ups...