What Is Chronic Diverticulitis?

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Could " monsters" energy drinks cause this or make it worse?
Don't think so. Monster energy drink isn't friendly to heart, but it doens't contain anything that could hurt the bowel or diverticula.
I just had a colonoscopy and was told I have diverticulitis,  that explains my pain and cramping. I’m confused about the fiber intake. I want to try to control my symptoms with diet. Should I take extra fiber or not?  What about the use of probiotics?  Do they help this disease?
Most cases of simple, uncomplicated diverticulitis respond to conservative therapy with bowel rest.
People may be placed on a low fibre diet. It was previously thought that a low-fibre diet gives the colon adequate time to heal. Evidence tends to run counter to this, with a 2011 review finding no evidence for the superiority of low fibre diets in treating diverticular disease, and that a high-fibre diet may prevent diverticular disease. A systematic review published in 2012 found no high-quality studies, but found that some studies and guidelines favour a high-fibre diet for the treatment of symptomatic disease.  While it has been suggested that probiotics may be useful for treatment, the evidence currently neither supports nor refutes this claim.
there is no conclusion about this . I think should try to fin the proper stragety by yourself.
The use of antibiotics in mild cases of uncomplicated diverticulitis is supported with only "sparse and of low-quality" evidence, with no evidence supporting their routine use.
 In spite of this, antibiotics are recommended by several current guidelines when there is evidence of abscess, fistula, or intestinal rupture with peritonitis by CT scan , antibiotics are recommended and routinely used.
As said above, there's an argument on low fiber or high fiber diet, however, your body will let you know. Try low fiber foods for 3 days, then change into high fiber foods for 3 days, make a comparison and you'll know what works for you best. Probiotics, why not? I take probiotics everyday. It's helpful with bowel movement.
after a week stay in hospital for diverticulosis, my hubasnd was sent home on 2 antibiotic, he has no appetite. he has lost 10 #. he has a Rx for muscle relaxer, but has opted not to take it. he tells me he is having spasms in his upper belly. could this be from lack of solid foods, or could it be something else. also during the night he has bouts of acid relux.
Hello Julie, the muscle relaxer is for spasm prevention... Maybe consider taking it
Is oatmeal safe to eat with diverticulitis?
Oatmeal is a fiber rich food. If you're having pain from diverticulitis, you should avoid fiber rich foods. If the diverticulitis is in a stable status, you're not in pain, oatmeal is good to eat.
Can alcoholism trigger diverticulitis?
Possibly yes.
The suss that I read above do not include bleeding. My mother is bleeding from the rectum and they say it is diverticulitis. Can you bleed from this desease?
Yes, bleeding occurs in diverticulitis.
How you know that it raptured
Ruptured? It bleeds, then you'll see blood in the discharge. The thing is, blood in the discharge doesn't mean it's diverticulitis. If someone has blood in the discharge, a colonscopy is necessary to detect the bleeding point and cause.
I would like to no more about this

Deseae can lead to cancer i have had this deseae for about three weeks
This disease does not lead to cancer