Can You Show Me Treatment Guidelines for Diverticulitis?

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What Can I Do For This Pain I'm Having From This Diverticulitis It Hurts Soooo Bad
To relieve the pain you may start with a heating pad covering the abdomen. If it doesn't help much, OTC pain pills can help. However you should get it confirmed by professionals it's diverticulitis.
Cranberry pills or Cranberry Juice.
AZT UTI pain pills.
Start a diverticulitis diet.
While pain is bad and your body is repairing itself, start with a clear liquid diet.
Google & Research what foods to avoid.
Get prescription for antibiotics if needed.
If you are in That much pain, you probably have an infection, as well.
I like to start off my morning with 8 oz. of Lemon water.
I'm having terrible pain now. What can I do NOW!
pain in where ?have you go to hospital and  do tests? what does the doctor sugguest?
My understanding from a gastroenterologist is that removal of even part of the small intestine is a life-threatening action - a last resort, to say the least. Any comment on this?
Any surgery can be life-threatening, I guess that is. Surgery is done when there's no other alternatives. But there're so many people taking intestine removal surgery in this country, the majority of people come out of the hospital alive.
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