What Is Diverticulosis?

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Was Garden of Life, RAW Probiotics, MEN 50 & WISER... 85 Billion Live & 32 Strains... tested?

Also... WOMEN 50 & WISER??

Includes Prebiotics & Enzymes ingredients.   Store at Room temp 71 and below; however... refrigeration is best

Can you post or reply with the 72 tested???
Hello Mr. Wash, first of all, FDA doesn't test the effectiveness in dietary supplement, there's no approval process for dietary supplement, the manufacturer is responsible to the claims of the products. I wasn't able to find any test for this RAW probiotics, but I did find a review of another probiotics product of Garden of Life, it's a test with milk, quite interesting, which proves the probiotics are alive. Thirdly, although the test shows the probiotics are alive, it doesn't show the product actually contain the claim amount and strains of the probiotics.


Here is the link to the test.  I hope this can help a bit, Mr. Rash.
Hello Delight, during diverticulitis when you can feel pain, clear liquid is the best food, including broth, fruit juice, tea, gelatin, when the symptoms relieve, low-fiber foods are the choice, including canned fruits(no peel), canned beans(no peel, soft), canned carrots(no peel), canned potato(no peel), fresh egg, fresh chicken cut, fresh fish, fresh duck, refined white bread, vegetable juice, low-fiber cereal, milk, yogurt, cheese.
Hey, Delight, maybe you can take a try with this : Breakfast: Try scrambled eggs with buttered white toast and vegetable juice. Lunch: Have a tuna salad sandwich on an unseeded white roll with half a banana. Dinner: Make a piece of lightly seasoned, broiled salmon with mashed potatoes. It worked for me and hope it's useful.
I have been drinking Aloe Vera and it helps tremendously.  I buy mine at Rite Aid or Amazon.  It calms the pain.
Does anyone experience like menestrual cramps with diverticulosis?
I hate being a woman.
I do, the diverticulosiis pain feels just like the menstrual cramp, once my diverticulosis flared up in my period, it was like wave after wave and killing, I had pain pills in the end, otherwsie I thought I would die.
Oh my gosh ladies this was so helpful for me! It all makes sense now.
Dr said I had this even before examining me ... because I’m sixty he said everyone gets this at your age....but I don’t have the diarrhea and only felt pain on my left side like pain when ovulation. Not cramps... has anyone else experienced this type?
Um, diverticulitis pain can be mild in some people, but the pain is not basis of diagnosis. Diagnosis is based on lab tests and examinations, like a colonoscopy.
Hey vinny I’m 62 and experienced intermittent pain in my left lower abdomen that would come and go over a six month period or so.  I did some reading and with the symptoms figured I must have diverticulosis. Went to the doctor and he ordered a cat scan and bingo that’s exactly what I have. The doctor suspected it as well. My other symptoms were loose bowels .. I do not have diverticulitis which is infection.. but was told to increase my fiber and to drink lots of water.. you should definitely ask your dr. For a cat scan. Hope this helps.
What can I do ,I think my diverticulsis is inflamed ? My stomach has been. hurting
Try to defecate asap. After that if you're still in pain, go see a Dr.
thank you for information, mean while whats a good remedie for home care.
People talk about what to eat, I think the best remedy is fasting. For health, less diet is more health.
Foods helpful is garlic, barley, brown ice, papaya, potato, pears. Try to stay away from caffeine, do exercise, and keep hydrated.
Exercise is super important, it helps expelling the wastes.