Diverticulosis vs Diverticulitis: What Are the Differences?

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I am in the same boat as Mr. Kusumoto. I was recently diagnosed with diverticulosis. From images and info diverticulosis seams worse than diverticulitus. The explanation of the two isn't here as said. Diverticulosis looks like larger infected diverticuli. I have large diverticuli (infected pockets), in the location that I have two abdominal hernias. As well as an infected colon. All diagnosed by a Dr at the ER. Please help and explain. Images would help your page of the two different diseases. Thank you.
do you have symptoms?
if not, it;s not serious.
If you have synmptoms unbearable ,you should see a surgeon and if you can have surgery
I have been bloating for quite some time  now over the past few days Ives been experiencing bleeding from rectum. I've been diagnosed with diverticulosis  and I am scheduled to have a ct scan. I have no pain but the bleeding is very concerning indeed. The scan is not scheduled for another few weeks. The bleeding is off and on. My blood cultures came back normal when I went the er in concern of my bleeding. Is the bleeding normal ? It's been on and off for 4 days now!
Diverticulum of digestive tract refers to a bag protrusion formed by local outward bulging of gastrointestinal wall. It can occur in any part of the gastrointestinal tract, with the descending duodenum as the most common, followed by the esophagus and small intestine.  Diverticulum of digestive tract is mostly asymptomatic, often found by chance in X-ray barium meal, barium enema or fiberoptic endoscopy. If the diverticulum is large or complicated with diverticulitis, local discomfort or dull pain may occur, sometimes bleeding. When Meckel's diverticulum contains heterotopic tissue of gastric mucosa, peptic ulcer may occur. Treatment support therapy includes blood transfusion. In patients with persistent bleeding, pituitrin was dripped through arterial catheter during mesenteric arteriography, and 50% of patients could effectively stop bleeding. Invalid patients may consider surgical treatment. What is your age, underlying disease, diverticulum location, size and amount of bleeding? Did you defecate? Whether defecation is black, whether it is formed large, how much stool. In this case, if your physical condition permits surgery, it is the best, if the body does not permit, you can only maintain treatment. Usually keep the anus clean and hygienic, eat more coarse grains, keep the stool unobstructed.
I feel so bloated after eating the smallest amount of food
Hello Ella, I'll recommend you to take a gastroscopy test.
I feel bloating every time i eat. Not sure why. I've just been diagnosed with mild Diverticulosis. I suffer no pain. But I have gained about 11 pounds in the last 9 months.All belly fat? I am 53 years old.
Me too. I feel discomfort after eating, but I'm gaining weight.
It could just be irritable bowel syndrome or other conditions, such as lactose intolerance, and too much eating. Given that you have increased body weight, how about trying to eat less to see what happens? Exercise after you eat, such as walking a few miles every night.
Bloating after eating is usually not a cause for concern, and a person can often avoid it by following some simple practices, such as not eating too much fiber, avoiding carbonated drinks, and eating and drinking more slowly. Being bloated after a meal is a feeling that most people experience occasionally.
I''ve been sneezing (quite hard) a lot lately due to allergies and now feel a little pain (not bad at all) when I lean on my left side. Can the sneezing and coughing cause this pain with diverticulosis?
Hi, sneezing and diverticulitis are not associated. It's likely when you sneeze hard and a lot you accidentally had the abdominal muscle strained.
Info does not tell you the real difference between Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis ! I need surgery to remove or bypass tube (stint ?) That was installed for Aorta anerusium (spelling ?) its clogged causing restricted blood flow to my right side causing pain, when I walk more than 30 steps! My Vascular MD. Won't operate until I'm cured from Diverticulitis ! I told him I had that, but the report says its Diverticlosis. Is there any reason not to operate ?
Hello, diverticulitis is usually infection of diverticula. Before a surgery, the infection has to be managed first.