What Is Sigmoid Diverticulosis?

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I had a flare up 10 years ago and now another . Went hospital and got antibiotics and diet and ok now. All,all the foods I eat all the time are now a no-no. Can't live on yougurt only. What foods can I eat please?
1. It is advisable to eat foods with high cellulose content;
2. It is advisable to eat foods with high probiotic content;
3. Eat collagen-rich foods
Fish skin: rich in collagen protein, has a good role in nourishing skin tissue, can improve the body's immune function, promote tissue regeneration.
Ejiao: rich in iron, collagen protein, the former can promote the recovery of the body's hematopoietic function, the latter can promote the repair of skin mucosa.  
Bamboo scorpion: It is rich in soluble cellulose, and the content of amino acids is also very high, which is beneficial to improve the immune function of the body and promote the recovery of postoperative diverticulum. 50g is stewed with ribs.
Wheat bran: seems to be the most effective fiber. Fiber absorbs moisture and softens the feces for easy discharge. Whole wheat bread is an excellent source of wheat bran. It is also a good idea to sprinkle some wheat bran on the food. Vegetables and fruits are also good sources of fiber. If you lack fiber, eat the whole apple instead of just apple juice.
1. Avoid eating foods with high hardness;
2. Avoid eating multi-bone spiny foods;
3. Avoid eating fried food.
Broad bean dry: It is a relatively blunt food, which can increase the digestive load of the gastrointestinal tract, which is not conducive to normal motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Eat fresh boiled beans.
Potato chips: It is a fried food that increases the chance of fire in the intestines, which is not conducive to the patency of bowel function. Eat fresh, steamed potatoes.
Grass carp: It is a thorny food. If it is eaten into the intestine by mistake, it may increase the risk of intestinal vascular injury, so it should be avoided in principle.thornless squid is better.
It’s been almost a week since I was diagnosed with divratliculoses and hyetal hernias in my colon. Medication is not helping. Still in lots of pain. Should I have them removed or is it safe to have them removed?
Hernia, it's safe to remove.
Plenty water some water has too much sodium stay away from starting now banana in the morning you can help I'll just in case you eat something that I irritate
This is way too difficult for me to understand...please edit and try again.
Just to clarify hernias are repaired (normally with a mesh) will probably repair rather then removed them