Is Sepsis Contagious?

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My only sister died on Wednesday November 7th from SEPSIS. she was only 57. This is why I’m trying to find out exactly what it is and I’m going to be doing a lot of research on this word
Ms. Jackson, I'm sorry for your great loss in the passing of your only sister. I hope that your studies somehow ease your heart.
My sister died of sepsis. Never found out how she got it. I do a lot of reading on whatcit is now. Horrible way to die
I'm so very sorry for ur loss Hun. But is that stuff contagious
Sepsis itself is not contagious, but the pathogens causing people to develop sepsis are usually contagious. That is to say, the pathogens that may cause sepsis can be transferred, usually from person to person, directly or indirectly (by contaminated items like utensils or clothing).
Research shows the privacy curtains in hospital or nursery could be contaminated with deadly bacteria and they are usually hard to clear thoroughly, these privacy curtains can be the source of pathogens in hospital-acquired or nursery-acquired infection.