What Is Septic Shock?

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I was hospitalized in October with pneumonia,that very day a needle was inserted into my right lung to draw out fluid.this procedure wasn't successful.next they inserted2 lung tupes,after5 days of this ,without success,surgery was done on my right lung.they litterly cut open my lung,the surgeon had to insert his hand to and remove ,the fluid.I was told later my lung collapsed twice during this surgery,and that I allmost died during surgery.to make even worse,I went through all this,with out a friend,a family member,or the woman I love there
With the exception of the good lord above
After three weeks of hospitalization,I went home after five days home I noticed what appeared to puss under my skin where one of the lung tubes went in me.the very next,it had come to a head,had opened up and was leaking out.that day once again I was back into the hospital.I was diagnosed with ceptic.which was followed by another surgery,in which a chest tube was inserted for the fluids from ceptic to drain into a glossimy bag.after another two weeks of the hospital,I was discharged.I've been home now for a little over a month I still have the chest tube,.and will for six months or more.I went from over160lbs to131.I live alone,it has been hard to recuperate from this after all the house hold chores cooking cleaning etc.,by my self Christmas day I started feeling better,and have ever since.gaining weight,and getting strength back.I would like to say with out my surgeon Dr.Gerad Wesly,Merit Health Wesly of Hattiesburg Ms.,and all its nursing staff,and. the GOOD LORD above,I wouldn't be able to tell you experience.I also would like to thank the home health nurses,and physical therapist staff,allways thank the man above another day,you never know when it may be your last.Sincerly,TONY L.YUHASZ
Dude, I think you're brave and very positive thinking, it's great. Good luck
U rnt alone! I m a single mother with no help from family that lives a short distant. My only friend is Jesus. Keep him close! He truly love the forgotten. Feel free to contact someone in need of a friend! @4god4family4life@gmail.com
You are in my prayers, GOD IS WITH YOU....I'm alone also an fear what you have been through happening to me. I will have to be as brave as you ..God Bless...
My name is Rebecca White. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011. I was married to a man that I slept next to every night. When it was time for me have the cancer removed from my right lung he didn't even move from the bed to go with me. But one of my best friends Wayne Gibbs came and stayed by my side the entire time until I was out of surgery and was able talk a little. My reason for commenting is because God always have a ram in the bush. But God never leaves us..I pray all is well with you. Just KEEP YOUR FAITH IN GOD* HE NEVER FAILED ME YET* If you ever need friend to talk to you can email me @ rwhite351@outlook.com and we can connect from there. Stay strong ..And stay encouraged.
Sometimes a friend is more reliable than an irresponsible husband! I understood all the pain you have suffered. My grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4. She has experienced the oral targeted therapy, a newer oral targeted therapy, radiotherapy and intravenous chemotherapy. She was responding quite well to them, but the side effects of all treatment were severe. The loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting are actually making the condition much worse. Her body condition is just simply too weak now. My poor grandma. God blesses her.