Can Pneumonia Lead to Septic Shock?

4 Answers

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I had legionnaires disease in September .Went septic and nearly died. I was on kidney dialysis  for 3 months
Relax.Follow your doctor's advice.
I hope you sue the balls off of them.i believe my daughter died do to  pneumonia that turned in to septic shock. Get your records fast they will change them had it done to me lier's
I got phenomena now but my chest keeps hurting at night and my top of my back muscles went to er they gave me antibiotics but still have a sharp pain on my right lung
I'm at risk of developing pneumonia or septic I do believe I've had pneumonia it's the caugh and the green mucus fever at night have lupus  and Noules on my lung and it was different I had weight on top of my shoulder  it would make me so tired  can u help me  took antbotic for 20days
I think you should see a lung doctor. Anti-biotic drug should be used under the guidance of a doctor. the most important thing is to fin d ou the pathogen  and give you the right medication. what do you mean by "you had weight on top of my shoulder "? I can't understand.
I am involved in a lawsuit about the drugcnexium and how I contracted kidney disease and now they say that I don't qualify bevy I had septic pneumonia and that's how I got kidney disease! Can this be true, and if so, why couldn't the doctor knock the sepsis out of my system first before it hurt my kidneys?! Now I'm going to lose a ton of money on this lawsuit becauze they say I got kidney disease from septic pneumonia and not the drug? This is all so very upsetting, what can I do now?!!!
Sepsis is associated with kidney failure, that's true. It doesn't mean your kidney disease is caused by spesis for sure. They're digging information that works for their stand, so do you.