What Should We Know About Meningioma?

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I am 74 and a little frightened.  Have been told by PA that there is little chance of reoccurrence but since they can't give a reason for the tumor in the first place, how can that be assumed?  I go for an MRI in the next month and the dr. makes decisions from there.
Well, based on the statistics the chance of reoccurrence is little. Mrs. Edwards, there're things we're not sure about, we have to think about the one with the highest probability, right? Anxiety can't help, you know there's a study in Japanese long-lived people and the first rule of longevity is being positive. Be happy.
Stephanie, Meningiomas are frightening. I've had two and i do know they are slow growing. (like 8-10 years). The location of the "tumor" usually determines how to havdle it....from radiation seeds (my mom did this) to craniotomy surgery (twice for me) to radiation (never done this).  Fear and anxiety are almost worse than the diagnosis itself. Go to the best neurosurgeon/neurologist you can find.  Your outcome will be good when you are in good hands!