Is Bronchial Pneumonia Contagious?

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My grandson has pneumonia.  He's on antibiotic, motrin, & claratin.
 He's 5 yrs old.  Is this contagious?
it can be contagious.most people have immune system defense. you also can have effective vaccine for the specific pathogen.
Been trying to find how long the contagious period for pneumonia is plus the incubation period
The contagious period is from two days to two weeks, if it's bacterial pneumonia, after 48 hours of antibiotics treatment it's considered not contagious any more. If it's viral one, you better consider two weeks. Chemical or fungi are not contagious. For incubation, pneumonia is acute, when the pathogen reaches the lung in half day pneumonia can occur. But it doesn't mean in half day after contacting the pathogen pneumonia occurs. Pathogen starts from respiratory tract and goes down to the lung. Like flu virus, when the virus goes into your body from the nostril, or throat, or eyes, it stays there for several days(incubation), then you have flu symptom, when the disease develop, the virus goes to the lung, pneumonia occurs.
caughing runinn eyes mucus coming from the nose
Aren't you having a cold?
Is pneumonia contagious? My sister is hospitalized now. I have my pneumonia shots. I am 73.
What is the best medicine?
My sister-in-law has pneumonia and in hospital. Is she contagious?
Depends. If it's caused by some bacterium or virus, it is contagious.