What Is Bronchiectasis?

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What kind of antibotic  is recommended for treatment of bronchiectasis I have been in misery for almost 4 years when we finnally got a diagnos of what was wrong
bronchiectasis can't be treated with anti-biotics. Unless you are have lung infection.  Patient with bronchiectasis and lung infection, should use anti-biotics which is effective for Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Anti-biotic drus should be used under the guidance of doctor.
I just had a bronchoscope and Pseudomonas aeruginosa was found. I am now on levaquin. I hope I get my energy back. Apparently, my doc removed a copious amount of sputum and found inflammatory mucosa
Is Bronchiectasis contagious?   Is it heritary? I have just  been diagnosed   I also have scarring in my lungs. My sister died witj sarcoidosid. Are they related?
Hello, there are very few people who have congenital bronchiectasis because of heredity. The expansion of bronchial tube is not contagious. Most of the causes are repeated infections of the respiratory system that are not cured.