What Are the Symptoms and Signs of Schizophrenic?

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Is Schizophrenia And Bipolar 1 have the share the same meanings .
Hello, schizophrenia and Bipolar type 1 are two different diseases. Bipolar disorder is a type of mood disorder, and type 1 refers to manic episodes or mixed episodes and major depressive episodes. Schizophrenia is a disease that excludes mood disorders and other diseases.
Thank you for your response. My doctor has digniosed me with Bipolar 1 I’m taking medication to help with that. My question is does that go,away with treatment? Or does it just stabilize it through my life. If you’d know the answer to this . Thank you very much. P.s I’m hoping it will just go away .. :)
Doctors don't know what causes it, they have prescription to manage it, but not to cure it. Doctors don't know how to cure mental illness. Why I know? Cause I've experienced such. I've just had to fight against it. When I regained my mind after treatment, I read quite a few books. It turns out, every mental problem is a brain chemical disorder. And I started to try physical exercise, running 40 minutes a day, or dancing 1 hour a day. I tried for 1 year I started to feel much better, like Paul said the inner peace. It's all because of the chemicals the brain secrets after long time exercises. I'm no longer on pills, I'm not good all the time, from time to time I can notice the abnormal mood, and I try to manage it on my own. I also take antioxidants, and green tea. Hope my experience can be useful.
it's complex. Some patient feel very helpful ,some not. It may not go away ,but, you will feel better. Stablazation is a Ideal treatment effect. Don'r worry too much, you will get better.
Can acute stress bring on a bipolar manic episode
Yes, acute stress is a potential trigger for manic attack.