Is Bronchitis Contagious?

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I was diagnosed with bronchitis because I had slight wheezing, constant coughing, and constant night sweats. I was put on steroids and Azithromycin 250 both for 5 days. Will these symptoms disappear after the 5 days. The night sweats are the worse. Is there anything I can do to stop the sweats. They are debilitating.
the sweating is not a problem . pay attention to the temperature, it's going high ,low,or normal?
tell your dr your sweating too much in the night. make sure you don't have TB(tuberculosis).
I was diagnosed with broncial pneumonia and on antibiotics and the steriods zpack, plus the the inhaler.  Had to get xrays of chest.  I am taking medicine as directed, how long will I have this?  I was coughing 4-5 days before I saw Dr. She said she was glad I came in.  I cannot rest, steriods keep me from sleeping. Can I resume some of my activities, I play cards and don't want to spread this around?
How long are you contagious with acute bronchitis?
Dear, as long as bronchitis does not recover, it is contagious. wish you health.
What did you take
I had bronchitis earlier this year. It took me 6 weeks to finally knock it. I took steroids and used an inhaler to help my lungs recover. I also tried gargling with salt water and using a nose/sinus rinse which contains a little salt. After I got over it, I went and got a pneumonia shot so I could avoid EVER getting it again. I hated that feeling of not being able to breathe when I laid down. Drinking plenty of fluids and taking vitamin C also helped me a lot. Hope this can help you :)
Thanks. This confirms what my doctor said today.
Have had bad month:  pneumonia to the flu to bronchitis.  AM definitely a bit better ( finally a course of one of super antibiotic.)  Feeling better but still have sporadic productive cough.  AM I still contagious?
It is hard to say without tests. You need to get your sputum collected and sent for exam. If there grows bacteria, then it could still be contagious. In the meantime, when we talk about contagiousness, we must make sure with whom we will come into close contact. Obviously, your bronchitis would probably make a baby sick but causes nothing for a healthy individual.
Is bronchitis contages
An acute one is contagious, like a viral infection or bacteria infection caused bronchitiis.
Is bronchitis contages
Yes, it's contagious.
I have acute Bronchitis. How long am I contagious?
2 days minimum
It depends on the type of germ, generally 7-14 days.
I have had viral bronchitis for two weeks am I still contagious
Do you cough now? Even it is contagious, most adults still do not get it. However, it is very contagious for infants and patients with immunosuppression if you cough.
How do I determine whether I get chronic bronchitis or acute bronchitis?
How i do which one i have.