What Is Schizoaffective Disorder?

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my son Michael has the disore and been work in g with a dr and still no help.
Your thoughts?
How long has your son started to get treated? Is there a family history? What medication is he taking? The time required for the treatment of mental illness is usually relatively long.
my girlfriend is being treated for this illness. some days are horrable others she cries, there are a few even nice days or sometimes a few hours where she is the beautiful lady i love, and the bad times i try and love her even more. wanting to kill yourself all the time ,i want much better thoughts for her. treatment can last a life time. i to suffer from mental illness
From your words, I learn that u love ur girlfriend so much. I totally understand you cuz my father also has the disorder. He was diagnosed last month, and is taking lithium and Risperidone daily, which is very helpful. I believe it can be cured by medication and LOVE. Best wishes.
Thanks for the support and best wishes for you and your dad.
Try another Psychiatric. When you see no improvement, it is time to find help somewhere else. For 23 years my son has schizophrenia. I had a hard time to get help for him and had to become his guardian to get medical treatment for him. It can be a nightmare at times and very freighting. The correct medication and making sure they take the medication is very important. Over the years he has had to have medication changes. He believes he is God and has frighten many people. Our lives have never been the same. Mental illness is hard on the whole family. The strength they have is unbelievable. My heart goes out to all families that have a mentally ill family member. I hope you find the right doctor.
How do you help a person with possible schizophrenia when they are confused and not in touch with reality.  They hear voices telling them to do things and cannot seem to listen to reason.
Most patients had significant improvement in psychiatric symptoms after antipsychotic treatment; however, most patients failed to meet the strict criteria for remission, and a large proportion of patients had residual refractory symptoms:
Before diagnosis of refractory schizophrenia, clinicians should exclude or determine the cause of "pseudo refractory schizophrenia".

- Simultaneous mental disorders, substance use disorders, or physical disorders

Non-compliance with prescribed medication regimens

Drug-drug interactions

Prior to the diagnosis of refractory diseases, non-drug treatment should be evaluated and optimized.

The triggers and stressors that contribute to aggravation should be addressed through joint efforts with the patient and his/her support system.

Evidence-based psychosocial interventions should be provided to patients with appropriate indications.

The history of attempted treatment of schizophrenia should be obtained from patients, family members and their therapists, including the duration, maximum dose and remission of previous attempted use of antipsychotic drugs (including clozapine and other drugs).

Preliminary treatment of symptoms that have not been alleviated or partially alleviated by an antipsychotic drug, including adjusting the dosage of an antipsychotic drug and using another antipsychotic drug, will be discussed separately.
For schizophrenic patients who have used two antipsychotic drugs and have been treated with the maximum tolerable dose within the therapeutic dose range for at least 6 weeks and still have persistent and clinically significant positive symptoms of schizophrenia, we recommend clozapine instead of other antipsychotic drugs (Grade 1A).

Evidence from clinical trials does not strongly support synergistic treatment with antipsychotics. Synergistic treatment of antipsychotics should only be used for patients with persistent and clinically significant symptoms that meet the above criteria for clozapine treatment, and for patient
My daughter has schizoaffective disorder and she has her days and she's getting violent screaming home hurting ourselves walking around talking to imaginary boyfriends sometimes I think she's possessed I don't know what to do she's 29 and I can't find a dual Diagnostic Center it is drug-induced psychosis what happened at first but it does run in my family but she has not been using drugs anymore but she still has all these symptoms and stress triggers please I'm a helpless mother can you please help me
How long has she been like this? Where do you live? Have you seen a primary doc? You mention that it does run in your family, and what does that mean? Who else is involved?
What else can you and others do? Take your daughter to see a shrink and get her completely evaluated by a professional.
Take her to a Psychiatric doctor. They will do test to make sure she is not taking street drugs or huffing. Even on the right medications you may have relapse. Do not under estimate how they can hide their medication. You need to watch them take the medication and have them open their mouth and look closely. On medication they lose some of their special feelings and want them back. I have a son who is Schizophrenia (23 years). He can be very dangerous and hears voices 24/7. They can be suicidal and threaten to kill you. Listen to what they are saying! They may be talking about how they are going to kill you.  Later they try to hurt you just as they talked about. My son was on strong medication but it kept him from trying to hurt himself or others. The medication is now shutting his body down, so the doctor said he wanted to work with his medication.  The doctor took his medication away from him.  While instituted he attacked two other patients and went after the doctor, stating he was going to cut her up, burn her barn, horses, family up. Then head butted the glass in her office door three times while trying to kick in her door. In the car he started punching with his fist, breaking the driver's glasses. The doctor sent him home with one medication. This was cruel to take his medication away from him, causing him to go off there and here. Were trying to get medication that isn't as hard on his body. Why make him suffer and cause him to act out???  He had been on ten different medication and a shot once a month. In less than two weeks to take him off all medication and put him on 20 mg of Zyprexa! Anyone with common intelligent knows better than that!
After 25 years of being treated for various degrees of bipolar disorder, I went through 2 nervous breakdowns in 3 years. I just got out of hospital a few weeks ago and with the diagnosis of schizo effective disorder. In my up close and personal history because of advocating for my own SELF, I can honestly say the psychiatrist has 100% to do with the patients well being. I have refused to see many doctors because I knew way more than them and cuz of their lack of empathy for the disorders. Ssooo, I would like to inform you ALL that the state clinics are limited to minimal diagnosis' they can treat. They WILL give a wrong diagnosis JUST because of greed. At this time, I have a class act doctor and he has me doing ECT and it is 100% changing me to the best version of MYSELF 90% of the time. It is NOT for everyone but if it is prescribed, I strongly recommend you give it a try or as family, make the suggestion. I am on different meds now also. But I want you all to know how painful it is for the patient especially when they HURT a loved one or is not heard or perhaps feels misunderstood. Acceptance and LOVE is !!! I wish you all the very best and of course your loved one. If they dont care for their doctor, they will never have a chance of well being. It is a RESONANCE for us patients and I beg of u to find out and using your discretion, act accordingly. Thanks for listening.

Lovelight to you ALL.