What Causes High Blood Pressure? How to Lower High Blood Pressure?

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Does having a blood pressure of 182 over 107 considered dangerous
yes, it is dangerous. it can leads to heart failure and brain Hemorrhage.
What about 143/94 just had a stent 3weeks ago and my bp is all over the place
What dose 117 over 85 mean & what should I do? What dose the 2nd number mean ?
I take medication for high pressure but it is still high. I drink does that play a part in it
Hi Frances what meds do you take? It's weird they don't help. Have you seen another dr?
My blood pressure spikes suddenly.
Yes alcohol does play a factor in your blood pressure
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Is 143 over 78 bad?
Generally, it seems to be high. How about your age? The normal value also depends on it.
my bp is 158 over 101
Have you been monitoring your blood pressure? What is the range of your blood pressure fluctuations? What's the maximum? Is the blood pressure measured in the right way? Is it measured at the clinic or at home? As far as the blood pressure is concerned, it has reached the standard of secondary hypertension and needs oral antihypertensive therapy.
I'm a 80 year old male weight 179 pounds, I walk in the woods for 3 miles daily. My blood pressure is 149 over 70. How do ILOWER MY PRESSURE?
You should keep exercising and eat a low-salt, low-fat diet. Your high blood pressure doesn't need medication for the time being.
How to lower blood pressure?
A study says native hawaiians dance to lower the blood pressure, quite effectively. It's called hula, their cultural dance.

The rates of heart disease and stroke are four times higher among Native Hawaiians than in non-Hispanic whites, and they also get these diseases 10 years younger than whites and Asians in Hawaii.

In the study, people whose BP didn't drop to an ideal range after medical treatment were arranged for Hula dance twice a week, one hour per session. In three months, their BP came down to 130/80.
Interesting. This is Hula dance. I won't say it's hard to learn.

Study shows that gum disease increases risk of high blood pressure.

Senior author Professor Francesco D'Aiuto of UCL Eastman Dental Institute, UK, said: "The more severe periodontitis is, the higher the probability of hypertension."

Everybody should take good care of your own gum, not only for oral health, but for heart health.
Jesus! My hus was known having high blood pressure when he was 18. He was a high school athlete at that time. Everyone thought he's the healthiest, which he was despite the blood pressure. No one ever figured out why. Now this seems to make sense coz he had bad teeth ever since he was a kid.