What are the treatments for early stage dementia?

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Why do dementia patients have to sleep all the time is it to be mean & act out?
Hello Sherry. The drowsiness may be or may not be associated with dementia. There are several possible causes, including cerebral insufficiency, depression, central nervous system depression.
My Mother has Dementia and she sleeps all the time is this part of her disease.She just said she is sick but can't describe her sickness but like I said she sleeps all the time do I need to just let her sleep except to wake her to eat and drink at each meal. I am worried about my Mother
Your mother's symptom is more consistent with Lewy body dementia. There are many different types of dementia, and Lewy body dementia and Alzheimer's dementia are the 2 most common forms. Sleepiness is much more common in Lewy body dementia than Alzheimer's. You should take your mom to see a neurologist for help. There is limited knowledge on whether you should wake up your mom or not.
Why are Dementia patients mean to their main caregivers? My mother says terrible things about me to other people. Most people do not believe she has Dementia because she can remember certain events. Mom's behavior is outrageous.
you can't be mad at Dementia patients, if she is clearly diagnosed by doctors . They are more like babies, you should be more patient.
sleeping all the time has nothing to do with being mean. It is not a mean thing to do to sleep. it could be medication factors, depression or the Dementia its self but by no means is sleeping all the time A mean behavior