Why is my head so itchy?

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Wash your head.Or you can consult to a dermatologist.
See a doctor and get some medication for the scalp.  Also, shampoos for dandruff have some type of product that helps some types of itch.  Try it.
I don't if i got Lice don't have hair but my skin itchy back of neck back. It like some thing is poking me all the time.  I work in building that some times is not clean old people live there. The bugs look like bed bugs and I know what they look like. I have not seen one. I know to check for them
Hello, is it raining frequently in your environment recently? Is the environment you live in humid, unventilated, sunny and airtight? When do you usually wash your hair? Did you blow-dry your hair immediately or let it dry by itself after washing it? Are you in good health? (e.g. greasy stool, cold fear, less menstruation, cold hands and feet, oily skin, easy asthma, fatigue, dry mouth, heavy breath, etc.) Shampoo water temperature, when you use conditioner, is it applied at the hair tip or at the hair root? Whether to keep long nails, whether to grasp the scalp with your nails when shampooing, whether to use flowing water or basin water for shampooing, whether to wash and expose your hair frequently with pillowcases and towels, it is recommended that you carefully look at the above problems first, and make corresponding adjustments according to these conditions.