What Causes White Pimples on Vaginal Lips?

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I hope there is just simple solution to pimples on my vagina
Hello Ms. Aber, no there's no simple solution, doctors need to check the pimples, run some tests, then they can have a treatment plan for you.
It would be infected  from HPV. Have you see a gyncologist. I think there is no easy way to cure this. You should be treated under the guidance of a doctor.
I had one about 10 years ago and I did speak to my doctor about it she said it was normal looked at and that's all it was just a big pimple and I can honestly say by the time it broke open and the pus came out after that it felt incredible and healed back to normal
Fordyce spots could cause that. They are whitish-yellow bumps that can occur on the edge of your labia.
Fordyce spots are enlarged sebaceous glands. The function of Sebaceous glands is to produce and release a natural oil known as Sebum into the hair follicle to lubricate the skin. In the case of Fordyce spots, there is no hair follicle, and the Sebum is blocked resulting in raised bumps.
What causes small white pimple like bumps on the original lips.
It could be excessive sweating and secretions, candidiasis, herpes. See a dermatologist.
Vaginal candidiasis is an infection caused by a yeast called Candida. Patients may feel vaginal itching or soreness, Pain during sexual intercourse. They may also feel pain and discomfort when urinating. Some women can develop severe infections involving redness, swelling, and cracks in the wall of the vagina. It can be diagnosed by testing a small sample of vaginal discharge. It is usually treated with antifungal medicine.

Vaginal Herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease. The earliest symptoms may include an itching or burning sensation, pain in legs, buttocks or vaginal area and feeling of fullness or pressure in the abdomen area. Treatments with the help of antiviral medications have shown some effectiveness.