Do Mild Concussions Have Long-Term Effects?

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Does chari malformation  cause you not to breathe right
Yes, it's possible. However, if you feel out of breath, you need consult a doctor in case it is caused by other life-threanting diseases.

The clinical manifestations of Chiari malformation can be divided into several syndrome groups according to the main symptoms and signs. 1 occipital neck compression syndrome: due to cerebellar tonsillar sacral cranial nerve root and cervical nerve root compression, which can cause headache, hoarseness Dysphagia, neck pain and limited mobility. 2 Central spinal cord syndrome: Limb dyskinesia can occur due to compression of the upper cervical medulla. 3 Cerebellar damage syndrome: Ataxia ,walking is not Stabilization and nystagmus.can occur due to cerebellar involvement.  When combined with hydrocephalus, it can be manifested as headache, vomiting, fundus edema and other symptoms of increased intracranial pressure. The above mentioned common clinical symptoms of Chiar malformation but the clinical symptoms of the disease are extremely variable. If the condition worsens, it is recommended to go to the hospital to see the doctor.