How Long Can Post Concussion Syndrome Last?

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Beleivei it or not I actually fell into a door.  Husbands side of bed and I had to walk around bed to go podding. His clothes on hardwood floor.  Slipped and faceplanted into bedroom door.  Black eyes swollen nose , head hurt for  weeks. I was ok for a few days and then started forgetting about stuff.  I get up an go like crazy and then want to sleep for a while.  There are times I’m just not sure of my name.
you should go to hospital and have brain MRI ASAP, see a Neurologist. you should get medication.
My 15 year old son had a concussion it’s bee 3 weeks  he’s slow and in a fog needless to say his studies are suffering and getting Terrible grades what can I do as far specialist and school
Dear, first of all, the concussion is very quick. If you haven't responded in 3 weeks, it is recommended to go to the hospital for further examination of the head CT. It is more important for your child's health. It is recommended to solve the problem first, then consider going to school and wishing for a quick recovery.
I’m a 76 year old female in good health. I opened a heavy storm door and it slipped from my fingers and slammed me right in my right temple and acymy face under my eye. I fell onto the house and it kept me from hitting the ground. I applied ice in the hope it would get better. Foolishly I waited 5/6 weeks before going to the dr. This happened in mid October and doctor was third week in nov. After complaining about the pain in my temple area he sent me for a head X-ray. Then 4 weeks later still in pain, nausea since the hit, tired , laying down during the day, went for s brain scan. Again showed nothing. Beginning of January went for mri....showed nothing again.  Now I have a headache all day with every once in s while which would be 3/4/5 times a day, like something pushing in my temple. I take Alec’s. Doesn’t really help but I keep hoping. Was it too late to get the X-ray, scan and mri?  What do you suggest
Since you have pain in brain all the time, i sugguest you take a MRI+MRA test.
How hard of a hit in the head would cause post concussion syndrome to last months,and possibly years?
It's hard to say. Some people feel nothing even after car accident. Some have many symptoms even after felling from the stairs. Diffrent People with different tolerance.
Hello I fell hit my head just above my eye at work on left side I had a scan done didn't show much on May 24th 2018 I have dizzy spells depressed all the above should I have an MRI to see if any further damage has occurs since then I'm 78 yrs old fairly good shape Thank you Mary richard
Hello Ms. Richard, the previous scan was for the brain, right? There is a chance that your neck was injured somehow. C1-C8 nerve roots locate in the cervical spine, when the neck is hurt, a variety of symptoms associated to the nerve system appear.
I've had post - concussion syndrome for over 7 years, is there any exercises that I can do to help or cure this?
Hi,some study says aerobic exercise may help relieve symptoms of post-concussion syndrome by restoring normal cerebral blood flow regulation.
Is there a website that you can share for this information as I have a difficult time with this also. Thank you for your help.
I’m a 71-year-old female in fairly good health and five months ago I passed out and hit my head on the curb and received a concussion. I have absolutely no memory of the entire day. I was hospitalized for eight days to rule out any heart problems. Angiogram showed no issues with the heart and neurological tests showed no brain damage. I have never ever been a depressed person but the last two months I have been so sad and depressed and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t cry. I was always an eight or 10 hours sleeper but now I’m lucky to get four hours. I always have a slight headache. My life feels so different now and I’m so sad. Could all these issues be from the concussion?
I feel out of breath when I read this. It doesn't matter from the concussion or not. Something changed your life, something perhaps changed you. I had a few years of similar feeling, I was knocked down by a strong man who was running fast accidentally. I blacked out for a while. Never thought it was a slight concussion. But I became depressed. It took me 7 years to climb out of the deep well. So I understand you. I understand how sad it is to feel sad and can't do anything about it. My experience told me, to do exercises an hour a day, it helps a lot.
I am treating a young woman who has had 2 concussions. She is describing symptoms including 'my brain hurts' and difficulty with concentration. Who would be the specialist that I aught to refer her to? Neurology? Thank you.
I would choose to refer her to a neurologist.
I was knocked down flat on my concrete driveway by my dog. I hit my forehead straight on and both of my eyes turned horribly purple. The was left with a huge bump on my forehead.  I'm wondering if it will ever disappear.  What causes this?
Subcutaneous hematoma is the most likely cause. However, in your situation, you should be careful about occult cranial base fracture, epidural/subdural hematoma, etc. A CT scan of the head may be necessary.
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