How Long Do Concussion Symptoms Last?

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Can a concussion cause dizziness or blurred vision?
Loss of consciousness occurs in only 8%-19% of concussions and is not a defining feature.according to "Pediatr Neurol. 2015Apr 11, epub"
I had a chain link fence skirt me on the top of my head nothing for months then my right eye started watering
the pain/ weeks later headaches stiffness in neck dizziness every morning, bone crashing sounds upper neck area when ever i lift something worst headaches.
Is the pain only in one side of the face? do you have blister in there ? any burn,itchy feeling? shingles will have blister in a week. Shingles won't explain the bone crashing sounds. you should see a doctor, it's not common.
I was in a car wreck receive post concussion s. I loss my memory for a long term. Now I am getting it back. And my life was so much different then and now. Is there a way of handling the changes. I feel so many different emotions at once. Sometimes it is hard to possess all of it.
There's no perfect solution for this, I'm sorry to say so. I would suggest that you take a long-time walk every day, meaning 40 minutes to an hour, exercises makes brain produce dopamine and atrial natriuretic peptide, which makes you less anxious and less depressed, and more calm. After that, you get a pen and a piece of paper, try to write down the challenges you're facing, prioritize them, then start to deal with them one by one.
Have you seen a neurologist?
In November of 1966, while in the military, I received a severe blow to the left eye/eye-area. Vision in that eye dropped from 20-12 to 20-400. I experienced recurring headaches and difficulty sleeping more than 3-4 hours per night (just enough to overcome exhaustion ) in addition to the loss of vision. It is now 2018 and all those symptoms continue and have, continuously, since 1966.
This is more like a nerve damage, instead of a concussion symptom. I'm sorry for what happened to you.
Jun 4, 2019

Concussion symptoms—such as loss of balance, hazy comprehension, sleep disturbance and ability to walk straight—can be reversed by a new type of magnetic stimulation, research at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) shows.

Magnetic stimulation using a laptop-style device for 20 minutes per day improved the ability of rodents with concussion to walk in a straight line, navigate a maze, run on a wheel, and perform cognitive tests, according to research published in the Journal of Neurotrauma.