What Is the Definition of Anxiety Chest Pains?

3 Answers

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what is the best way to get rid of the pains
you should find out the cause of chest pain?
if you are sure it's because of anxiety, you should take anti-anxiety drugs.
Sleeping and suddenly woke up b’c of tightness in chest and upper torso, even felt in my back. So tight it hurt. Felt also like vomiting
It sounds like a heart attack, you should go to ER ASAP. if now you're feeling better, you should see a cardiologist.
I had a ablation done on my heart in 2012 could that have anything to do with it
I don't know what kind of ablation you have. The kind for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, it would hurt soon after the surgery. After 6 years, it's impossible.  The kind for arrhythmia, could not hurt at all, no matter right after the surgery or 6 years later. I don't think there is any connection in between the two, since there is no pain nerve in the heart. After 6 years, it's impossible .